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17lb Largemouth Bass – Cast To Catch on a Trout Swimbait

Every single BIG fish we catch is captured “Cast to Catch”, almost always with multiple angles. Here is some RAW footage for you to gain some insight on the sequences that comprise the content here at Big Bass Dreams.

This is just one of the 3 angles we have that feature a 17.40 personal best for Oliver Ngy. So far this is his biggest bass ever. We are considering doing another video from another angle for your enjoyment if you guys have any interest in that, please leave a comment! Wishing everybody out there good fishing, positive vibes and hopefully we can all relate on a similar experience when we see each other on the water!

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  1. Great Vedio, thanks 😊 was with my buddy Scott when he nailed a 17 at wohlford back in the day. Was on cloud nine for years after my 15. I still look at that mount each day in my loft and smile. Long time ago, but congrats.

  2. Great fish Oliver. Love your content! I am pretty sure I know the lake you caught this from. I fish there quite often. If you are interested and coming up and giving it another go and have a place to stay, give me a shout out. I have a couple other lakes that you may find outstanding as well. Take care

  3. I got a few things I need to do over the next 2 years. Buy a boat being one. Than I'm going to Mexico once a year until I get that teener. My pb is 5lb 11oz but got 6 fish over 5lb . All in Massachusetts. That was all from 05 -2012. Just got back into it heavy 6 months ago & coming across Oliver's videos got me hooked on big glide,wake & swimbaits. I love throwing a big rat. 17lber sheesh

  4. In Florida you can catch over 80 bass in 5 hour’s with the right fishing partner your pretty lucky if you catch an 8 pounder or a teener one of my favorite videos you never know when big mama will bite.

  5. You can say I’m salty or whatever but it sucks seeing you weight the fish and then throw it in the boat while you grab your cellphone to text your buddies or whatever you’re doing. Seems like you have zero respect for the fish or the fishery and are all about the clout and attaboys. Kinda sad to see, honestly. Put the fish back in the water…keep it in the net if need be. You should be treating fish like that with a little more respect.

  6. My PB was 14.5 lbs. Almost 40 years ago. I'm still lookin for my next PB. NOTHING compares to a lunker in the teens! I can't imagine one over 17. Wow!!!

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