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13 lbs in 1 cast…unbelievable!

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⬇Alabama Rig Setup⬇
Bait ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Jighead ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Rig ▶ Prototype 6S A-rig
Rod ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Reel ▶

⬇Bed Fishing Setup⬇
Bait ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Hook ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Weight ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Rod ▶ Use “MF10” to SAVE
Reel ▶


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  1. Bro, it's cool to go fishing, but the lack of respect for these creatures in video is flat stupid. All I could think about is how do you end up like this idiot

  2. If there are lips to be ripped. They shall be ripped in no certain gender order!! Great video! Don’t know about the best bed fisherman…. But no doubt one of them. Hats off to you sir!!!

  3. Take time to release them properly. Don't just throw them back in. You know that it causes them not to be able to breath and go to the top. It only takes a minute.


    Despite the popular terms "throw back" and "toss back," you never really want to throw or toss a fish. Anglers frequently get far too casual about lazily flipping bass back from too high above the water.

    It only takes a moment to kneel and lower a cradled bass slowly into the water. If the fish is ready, it will swim out of your hand. If not, hold it in place a moment to give it time to catch its breath and regain its strength and posture in the water.

    bass fishing

    If a fish spent too long out of the water and needs a little nursing, hold it facing into any current that exists so water flows into the fish's mouth and through its gills.

    Lacking current, hold the fish still. Moving it forward and back works against the cause because while the forward movement gives the fish oxygen, pulling it back for another push has the opposite approach. One trick to "create current" is to have a partner move the boat very slowly forward with the trolling motor while you hold the fish in the water with its head facing toward the bow.

    Hold the fish in the water until you feel strong body movements, and when you do let go, watch it for a moment just to make sure it swims away strongly and remains upright.

  4. I’ve watched almost every video of this man from oldest to newest love the videos plus learn a lot of good tips and trick for when I’m out on the water

  5. It's like winning the lottery. Fantastic and for the thumbs downs nothing but back seat skinny jeans women that wish they had that much fun it's what I call hatters in my book lames

  6. Asshole fishing is what I call this “bed fishing”, easy pickings. Imagine your smashing the wifey and someone ripping you out of your bed. Not nice, not at all. This time of year I usually fish the Jetty’s and Beaches.

  7. Mike Long says; any bass that bites is a good bass. Mike Long also says Milliken fishing spends too much money on lures and too much time learning techniques. When all he needs is some Trebel hooks and egg weights.

  8. Idk why bass fisherman hate fighting the fish so much the whole point of fishing is the fight after the hook set why rip their jaws off and skip them across the water to your boat it makes no sense

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