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12′ Jon Boat Vs. EXPENSIVE Bass Boats In HUGE Bass Fishing Tournament

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Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! Matt and I fished the Aquia Wednesday night (morning) tournament to kick ours off. Fun day, fish were caught, fireworks were seen, bbq was eaten. I gotta fish! See ya


BASS MAN JIGS…[my favorite flipping jigs]

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  1. Fished one tournament year’s ago with just a trolling motor. Won the tournament and got the big bass prize. Big bass weighed in over 6 pounds. We didn’t even have a watch with us and got back up at the ramp 2 hours early and just fished around the ramp till time to check in. Won over $100.00 and a case of boat motor oil!

  2. How do you stabilize your jon boat. I have a 14ft jon and it was very unstable today. Built a deck for the front and couldn't barly move on it. Every moment rocked the whole boat

  3. I believe, though i havent fished bass tournaments, that alot is done with good preparation. Aslong as you know the lake and conditions, and sport a good plan you can out preform the other boats.

    Someone get these Kids a sponsorship allready.. 🤞🤞

  4. i see you have a 12ft jon boat with two people and gear and some deck work and plywood.

    So my question is is that jon boat manufacturer claimed max weight of 400ish pounds pretty far off?

    I am about to purchase a 12ft cheap and want to carry two people, gear, and some bass boat mods like a deck and rear deck but i do not want to over fill the boat. So do these get around well and can tote more than manufacturer claims?

  5. What was the cold part where you stop the bleeding? I wasn't sure what you were talking about. After you got the hook out the bleeder, was there something you did to help it?

  6. Even though I own a bass boat(skeeter) these small boats are the underdogs. They always pull out big bass. I remember when I use to have a jon boat.

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