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10 Night Fishing HACKs

10 ways to make your night fishing trip safer and much more enjoyable

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  1. Man there’s only a small handful of YouTube channels that can keep my attention through an entire video and this is definitely one of those channels. You know what I’m sayin???

  2. Hey brother night fisherman. Is there a good all around color for my boat interior lights that won’t attract bugs and won’t blind the fisherman too?

  3. When you put your bracelets on your fishing pole to fish with with the zip ties all you have to throw away as a bracelet you can keep the zip ties cuz if you slide your zip ties up to the skinny part your bracelet will go right back in

  4. Would just like to quickly mention…when I dim my sonar screen to fish at night I always brighten it up again when I come in so I can easily see my screen next time I go out in the sun. Good stuff!

  5. Your accent reminds me of when I was young and lived down south in Georgia. My family dragged me to Seattle, it’s awful, and the fishing ain’t great either :(.

    I Have picked up so many peoples CRAP in my fishing spots, I almost don't to go to the stowr, single/one=time uses CAN BE THROWN INTO A GARBAGE CAN WHEN Y'ALLS get to the ramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Yo, if you don’t want to invest in neon rods, you can wrap the tips of your existing rods with trilene big game solar collector line and they’ll glow like green fire with a black light. I wrapped about 6” of the tips of all my night rods with it and works great.

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