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You’ll NEVER Rig a Swimbait the Same After Watching This!

You’ll never rig a swimbait the same after watching this! Fishing a finesse swimbait is one of my favorite ways to catch smallmouth …


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  1. see the bait junkie jig heads are the masters of the z—man material. with that new lock i now use a stainless bearing fitted to all lures and don;t they look good and make the z lures pop and i run double tow point as ya can use any hook as well to with in reason to size of lure in question it will change the way ya fish hook set now is at 200% don;t miss now. enjoy.

  2. Hi, adding cyano glue to a plastic swimbait is the rig we all need to know? Is that your value added? Really? How much are you paid for saying such craps? You call it fishing tips?????? I got a good one for you: do you now the potato rig?

  3. That's some good feedback on fishing swimbaits. I just began fishing with finesse style swimbaits of all types. What I immediately noticed was that I caught more and better-quality bass, by throwing a swimbait w/an underbelly spin.. on the order of 5:1 when I slow roll the bait to allow the blade to make contact, whether gravel or chunk rock, letting the bait tick off the bottom while occasionally fluttering the bait to trigger a reaction bite..

  4. nice vid…just one clarification question… at approx 0:54, you said "you basically want it to be a spinning rod with a casting handle". Are you just saying you want a casting rod that performs more like a spinning rod? Sorry, I played and replayed and was wondering why you were showing a casting rod with a casting reel on it and saying you want a spinning rod. So I'm thinkin' you mean you want your casting rod to handle like a spinning rod… more give? Still, good info in the vid. Thanx!!

  5. You have a fan for life Best fishing vids I have ever seen or heard and I have watched countless 100s.
    Just so happen back when I did a yearly fly in Canada trip (back in the mid 80's to late 90's) I bought literally a pack of 500 1/4oz ball jig heads and 1k 1/8oz ball jig heads along with several 1ks Mister Twister jig tails as that was all you needed to catch all the fish you wanted
    These fly in lakes only saw a maximum of six fisherman a week from late may till late September and the owner of the resort company didn't allow any ice fishing so it was fishing like you literally dream about. My best trip I caught a 46" northern and a 36" walleye. 5lb walleye and 10lb northerns were common. Lots of whitefish also but much to my dismay I never knew how good eating white fish were until my last trip.
    Although not every day, It was common to catch a walleye on 1 of three casts.
    I find myself making a solid effort to watch as many of your videos as I can find.
    Best of luck and keep the great content coming.

  6. Nathan, .50 cents a piece for 604 Gamakatsu? Gotta shop around buddy! Owner is an awesome hook in the same size. Both are high quality hooks. Even at 50 cents a piece, you're saving a lot of money. I've had my same Lee pot for well over 20 years. They last forever! I like the tail dip method you did. Usually I just inject/pour the tails in different color. Your way is definitely faster.

  7. Nice information. I have difficulty tying the braid to non-braid knots. But I do extremely well with straight copolymer line (8 lb) for swimbaits. I also find the VMC finesse rugby jighead is very effective without the snag potential. I find straight braid effective for certain situations. But for most Swimbait the straight copolymer is better, simpler, and less expensive. Not saying your approach won't work.

  8. I salt water fish for speckled trout I use a 7 ft rod I used 10 lb braid on a spinning reel I can feel a fish if he touches that jig and I can catch a 20 lb drum with that same setup also use a swivel and I use a speed clip 20 lb monofilam drop line R15 tire speed clip to it and I can take jigs off and on quickly without time that's just my tip for the day I've been doing this for about about 10 years

  9. Basically, everything Nathan was talking about, except adding color, can be solved by just using a Nikko Winnow. There is no more action/finesse or cold water swimbait than a Nikko Winnow. They are still not widely known, so maybe that is why. Nikko Winnows can go over 100 catches and do not rip. No need for gluing either. They will last all day. You won't waste time changing out. Basically, everything Nathan was talking about.

  10. I switched to JJs magic. I don't know if their cap is better or what, but it seems to be a little less messy.

    Either way , this stuff is like antiseize. It's getting on something!

  11. I live in Florida and was catching 6-7 pounders Bank fishing in late August into September. However in October the bite was completely dead. What should expect moving forward into November? I'm not familiar with this pattern.

  12. I accidently bought VMC thicker wire swimbait jighead and found out the same thing that you are much better off using a thinner wire ballhead jig. Absolutely agree with everything in this video. I use to hate throwing paddle tails but learned to love them. There is nothing like feeling that WOMP you get slow rolling a finesse paddle tail in smallmouth country!

  13. The V.M.C Hybrid swimbait screw Lock heads are my favorites!! Thin wired and 3/0 hook.. in Alabama especially on my home lake we have these monster Coosa spots.. throw a 1/4oz with a small body swim bait usually a 3"to-3'.5" inch… I throw a 1/4 to 3/16 oz and slow roll it on the bottom and BANANZO!!! BIGGIN!!!! Love love LOVE those V.M.C Hybrid heads!!

  14. Divine swimbaits will head wobble on a light enough jighead. I throw the 3.2s on a 1/16 oz shakyhead, and the head swings out almost as far as the tail πŸ‘

  15. 3.8" and above is what I normally throw and I do use the swimbait jigheads but I'm fishing swift moving creeks and rivers so when they hit they hit that probably aids me in my hookset I imagine next time out I'll try a ball jighead and see if there is anything different I notice I also use baitfuel with most of my soft plastics/swimbaits… Great upload πŸ‘Œ

  16. Glad to see you back. Awesome video of the ball head jig. Your spinning rod set up is a 99% match to mine. I like the Keitech tungsten jig head.
    Sometimes the swimbait doesn’t work so I put a longer ribbon tail worm on the same set up but I rig it weedless like a shakey head If I run out of swimbaits I put a small crawfish on.
    Be well my friend

  17. Thanks Nathan. Not a lure I have confidence in. I like your no non sense approach. You don't see the need for a under spin.
    It should be swimbait season I will try again to not grab a crankbait.

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