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You’d be a FOOL to Fish WITHOUT these Baits in October! (Top 5 October Bass Fishing Baits)

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6th Sense Draw Glide Bait ► Use “MF10” to SAVE
Hybrid Jig ►
Prawn ►
Spinnerbait ►
Whale ►
Juggle ►

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  1. Hey Ben, I had the pleasure of meeting you at the LOZ Open. I'm the Father-in-law of Two Gram Shy. I'm always impressed with your fishing skills. Keep the videos coming!

  2. Sorry not a member got 4 boys and taking care of them I just don't have the money to join but watched you since last five years and you taught me so much since you moved to that I've been able to apply to Louisiana I've been catching them car got stolen all my six sence Taco got stolen had about twenty-five hundred in there and with my money is I can't afford to just join your channel and buy everything so everyone's in Bates thumbs up to him imma keep watching you cuz I love what you put out and one day imma get a pole keep up the good job thank you for the content

  3. I can't wait till the hangover is released. Hopefully i can get my hands on one, unlike the panorama lol.
    I went out yesterday morning and was throwing a provoke, and a sweep.
    The 4k shad juggle minnow on a drop shot was the ticket though. Started off with a 2# channel cat, then a 3# flathead, and a 5½# flathead. Then i finally started catching some decent large mouth on it. I pulled a 3# large mouth on the provoke before i headed back home.

    The fish where staging up at the mouths of creeks right at the channel drop.

  4. Badass homie just picked up a new F5 ghost code beast hook/soft bait rod. Would love to smash on those hangovers 🔥🍻 either way I appreciate you amd continued success 🙌

  5. ben, what rod do you fish the whale on? i have terrrrible hookup ratios on flashy swimmer/keel weighted small swimbaits, do you fish it on a heavy or mh?

  6. I love throwing big swim baits cause of you and love these video where you talk about what baits you are using and when and where to apply them keep up the grind and as always see you at the classic

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