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You CAN’T Beat These 5 JUNE LURES

June bass fishing means fishing in the hot…but this is one of the best times of the year to go out and catch some good bass.

Sexy Dawg – https://rebrand.ly/7a640k2
Evergreen JT – https://rebrand.ly/3upo5gv
Keitech Fat Impact – https://rebrand.ly/85f3ce
Keitech Easy Shiner –
Strike King 5xd – https://rebrand.ly/p43i3la
Yamamoto Senko – https://rebrand.ly/tgp12sk

Big Worm Video – https://youtu.be/CAmhkQ9REEE

FINN Fishing Gear – https://rebrand.ly/FinnFishing
The BASS Hat – https://rebrand.ly/2qf5uh5
INSTAGRAM – ty_berger

Sportsman’s Outfitters – https://rebrand.ly/SportsmanOutfitters
Humminbird – https://rebrand.ly/HumminBirdElectronics
Minn Kota – https://rebrand.ly/MinnKotaMotors
MonsterBass – https://rebrand.ly/MonsterBASS
Deep Dive App – https://rebrand.ly/DeepDiveApp
Ark Rods – https://rebrand.ly/6745e8y
WaterLandCo – https://rebrand.ly/Polarized-Sunglasses
Cool JAPANESE Lures – https://rebrand.ly/JPNTackle

June fishing can definitely be tricky but a lot of times you have bass that are moving out to deep water and really getting into their summertime patterns.

There are a number of lures that you can use in June but these 5 June lures I truly believe you can use wherever you live in the country!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. Got back into fishing recently…when I first started, I got so damn frustrated simply bc I realized I didn't know jack squat!!!!! I live in TN and have learned a ton from you!!! What lures to use, when to use them, why to use them and how to use them!!!!!! Thanks boss….

  2. Great video Tyler! The river I fish in has a lot of downed trees and sticks and other things to get hung up on. I like the guarded jig head. Who makes it and what is it called?

  3. Dude, I love your channel. I have several faves and yours is one of them. Unfortunately, I don't have a boat, so what baits do you recommend I use when I go early mornings or late evenings to get these that may be cruising the shallows for food. I have ideas, just wondered what your take on it is. God bless.

  4. so i was looking to get new rods for father's day and remember you had some videos that promoted the buy 1 ark rod and get 2nd at a big discount.. is this still valid?

  5. So what you're saying is feather or no feather, sound or silent, white or green, fast or slow, small or large there really no rhyme or reason for what fish will go after. They will bite anything they see!! Just go fishing.

  6. I caught my PB today on Fort Riley in Kansas. 3.52 lb 19โ€ largemouth on a top water white rubber frog just walkin it over mats and this absolute slab just inhaled itโ€™s he jumped like 5โ€™ in the air! Was also the first cast with that lure.

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  8. Ironically, I went out this morning throwing your Number #1 bait. It was the Reaction Innovation(walking bait) in the Bone color that I had added a feathered tail treble hook to last year. It paid off, caught a 20 inches 3lb 14 oz largemouth. It works, it worked last year too.

  9. A couple of these lures are what I call โ€œBoat Onlyโ€ lures. Deep diving and big worm baits have not done to well fishing from the bank. But as soon as I get in a boatโ€ฆ.they produce.

  10. Have u ever considered fishing conneaut lake in pa. I have fished there for about 5 years now and there a lot of big bass in there. Small mouth and large mouth. It would be great to see what u would have to say about it. Hope to hear for u soon. Thanks

  11. I think we have to visualize what vibration feels like. A noisy bait is going to have a fuzzy profile, but reach out further. A silent bait is going to have less sound waves going off it, so it's more likely they know exactly where it is. It's all about timing, if they are striking on the cadence, that last pop it should be right there when they strike, so they need clarity not noise otherwise they'll miss.

  12. Along with the spook, A Zel Roland Pop-R with a feather tail is a must. It wii catch thoses fish who will not hit the spook sometimes. It;s a killer top water for Smallmouth.

  13. Hey people on Rayburn!! Keep throwing crank baits. Donโ€™t listen to this man. The swim bait doesnโ€™t work. Keep throwing those plugs and cranks please!

  14. I've been taking the skirts off a swim jig and using that as a swimbait jig head for years. Here in the deep south with our super shallow lakes that are choked with vegetation, it's a great way to fish a swimbait in and around thick hydrilla mats. My favorites to use are a 6th Sense Divine or a Strike King Hack Attack swim jig.

  15. This video in particular gave a lot of good info about full moons and bluegil spawn from now June until august

    And your info about wacky fishing
    Not the bait but where and why makes a huge difference

    The crank baits you used the word current Current pushes the fish to the bottom so sms king the bottom with the appropriate depth crank bait can catch bigger than average fish

    This info is so key as we start approaching the dog days

  16. I have caught ( two days ago on a full moon) Orca sized, 5 lb, largemouth bass with a senko worm wacky rig in my highly pressured lake. Man, THE BEST and simple way to get bass

  17. @BassFishingHQ – Can You Pleaseeeeeee recommend some spots to fish in NY – Im new and gaining interest in the sport. I dont own a boat . . . . . yet ๐Ÿ˜. but if you can please recommend a rod setup and location for me to be able to get even a bite – that would be awesomee.

    Huge thanks in advance.

    New York as in westchester county.

  18. Soft plastic swim baits have legit been my saving graceโ€ฆ just stared fishing, got a bunch of gear handed down to me. canโ€™t catch even a nibble crank baits and jerk baits it sucks.. but soft plastic minnows with jig heads juts kill it for me

    Wish I could get more confidence in other lures

  19. Completely agree with this list ! Our bluegills are moving on beds now and the bass are munching them !! Iโ€™m surprised more companies donโ€™t make a silent topwater

  20. I agree. Keeping it simple, I always catch more fish!! Love your videos, but still havenโ€™t caught a fish on a deps scat bait yet though ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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