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You CAN’T Beat These 5 JULY LURES

July Bass Fishing can mean hot weather but it can also mean hot bass fishing if you know the top 5 July Bass Lures!

Neko Rig –
Popper –
Spybait –
Pit Boss –
Frog –

FINN Fishing Gear –
The BASS Hat –
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Sportsman’s Outfitters –
Humminbird –
Minn Kota –
MonsterBass –
Deep Dive App –
Ark Rods –
WaterLandCo –
Cool JAPANESE Lures –

One of the best things about fishing in the month of July is that when you find a fish, usually he has buddies. Whether you are fishing in a pond, river or lake. So whenever you catch one fish, it is really important to hit the breaks and really pick that area apart.

Now the 5 lures that I am going to start with in July are the ones I have listed above!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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  1. Tyler, am I glad I watched this before heading out yesterday. The senko was catching a few, but not many and the chatterbait tanked. After a storm, I decided to try the popper (which I had not used in years). I ended up with 7 more in the boat in about an hour. Thanks!

  2. Pretty ironic yesterday I caught that big old lunker from under the dock at your pond with a nekko rig using a daiwa nekko plastic in baby bass, and then today this popped up in my feed 😂

    I’ve always loved that presentation, I just like all the “do nothin’ jack Chancellor style stuff…

  3. Pit Boss is a versatile soft plastic. For instance, I got an 11lb freshwater drum on a Carolina rig, 6lb blue cat on the same setup, and numerous large spotteds and largemouths on the Texas rig with a Pit Boss threaded on.

  4. Love the page and all the great info. I’m also from Ohio and have used your knowledge to catch at least six 5-6 pounders this year big thanks👍🏻

  5. Something I have to get through my head is “stained” water here is still very clear compared to other parts of the country. I may lose the ability to see bottom past 7-10 feet, but if you swim down to the bottom, you can see much further laterally and up (fish’s perspective). Some lakes here you can see bottom in more than 20 FOW.

  6. Thanks man. We went out this morning and not even a hit… I listening to you. I appreciate it. Apopka fla… We hit isolated ponds hidden from the general public. Just can't get a bite when normally every cast is productive.

  7. nice vid, Tyler! Yep agree especially on the spybait GFix80. Some days when bass are schooling and they drop down, the spybait can get bit. Med-light rod is the key like you said. You will lose some fish, but having some flex in the rod definitely helps.

  8. Well tomorrow I’m going to fish my first pit boss Texas rigged in the perfection blue flake color
    We will see..
    I also have rigged up a 1/8 owner wacky head and a 5” strike king caffeine Shad in the kvd magic color

    Since these are both something you have talked about I’ll put them to the test ..
    If I don’t get bit targeting docks and shade
    I’ll switch over to a frog and see

  9. Bass fishing is not hot, tyler. Sorry to say for June 30, 2023.I fished in 90 F degree weather today (here in northern Illinois) all early afternoon and into the evening. And bass are not biting. I even had polarized sunglasses , fishing in the shade in low mater with scattered weeds. literally wiggled my bait in their face and they were not interested at all.

  10. Knew a lot of this, but didn't know about spy baits. Interested to try one, but I've just started experimenting with swim jigs, chatterbaits, and poppers. Love to see content from someone based in the north though! Would be blown away if I ever had the chance to fish with you.

  11. I’m thinking about getting into glide baits so I’m going to start off with some different ones under 20 bucks. Does anyone have tips to help me I have an itch to catch some big bass I mainly fish in farm ponds about 2 to 4 acres and every weekend I go to different lakes. I live in Missouri if that helps.

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