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Winter Striped Bass Fishing Setup – What to use when holdover fishing in New England

We are lucky enough that some of the striped bass that visit our waters here in Rhode Island stick around for the winter. Dedicated anglers fish for these holdover bass throughout the winter, but the equipment used and setup of that gear changes from season to season. Paul gives us a great overview of his holdover striped bass setup.


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  1. Dave Whitehead
    Hi Paul, I have the vr51 and have bought the vr75 spools for different purposes. The same for the vr151, the vr125 spools also suit the vr151. I am currently waiting for SWE to get in more vr175 gen2 spools so I can use them on the vr201 reel. I am over in Australia and have bought these reels and spare spools from SWE and really appreciate the support and information you guys have passed on. Thanks again Van Staal reels are great 👍

  2. Great video, Paul. Need to pick up that smallest mag darter. The hydro twitch bait also looks very interesting; I didn't know what kind of action they put out. Thanks for the info.

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