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Where To Catch Bass When Its HOT – Hot Bass Fishing Lures and Tips!

Do you know where to catch bass when its hot? Hopefully these bass fishing lures and tips will help you catch more fish when it hot and sunny. First off, if someone is fishing in one of your favorite spots, give them a few minutes and they might leave. Then wait a few more minutes for the fish to come back to the area. After not catching anything near the dock, and in open water, I head to my favorite Hot Day fishing spot. I really like fishing under trees, both on the bank, and in the water. The cool shade is where the bass are hiding when its Hot! I catch largemouth bass on three different lures today, two different Yum Dingers and a Baby Brush Hog. #realistic #fishing

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  1. Another kick a$$ video Alex!!! Those were some really great bass!! When my lures tear like that, I go home and take my candle lighter to it and try to melt it back together. Or like you suggested wacky rig or even a ned rig!!! Truly enjoyed the video as always!! Thank you for always keeping it realistic Alex 🎣😊

  2. Thanks lol. You and Creek Fishing Adventures have caused me to buy more lures than I have time to fish them. I just got my 1st Baby Brush Hog. I always keep it Realistic. I have a You Tube channel also called Big Al's Sales Tips. I sell radio commercials for a living.

  3. Great fishing session brother! That Texas rigged worm or baby brush hog produce some quality catches again. For a second I thought Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw was doing the intro πŸ˜‚

  4. All you have to do ic trim off about 1/4 to 1/2" at the head of the brush hawg and it will still be usable. That 1st bass looked like it had some kind of sore at the back of it's right gill plate.

  5. Alex, that is such a BEAUTIFUL area to fish, especially the spot where the stumps are in the water. I have a honey hole just like that. I cast beyond the stumps, and HOLD ON TIGHT as i work my worm/ creature bait past the stumps!!!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  6. Nice catches sir, there's always some science and strategy to it. I'll have to buy a few black and darker worms and trust the process. I have some baby brush hogs, I'll have to cast those as well.

  7. Sup Alex, great for a hot afternoon, some nice bass, yum dinger and baby brush hog hard to beat in the heat lol. Going on brothers pontoon boat in about 5 hours, in RI still cold nights, doesn't get hot yet, only bringing plastics and jerkbait, my 5yrold granddaughter is excited I got her first kiddie combo for birthday and practiced all weekend, did great, she watches when I watch with grandsons, said I should grow beard out like yours lol. Tyvm tc 🎣

  8. I don't where you are fishing in Tennessee in this video but Reelfoot Lake in Northwest Tennessee has loads of Bald Eagle as it is a refuge for them. I enjoy watching you fish. You have a good show.

  9. Dang, 4 bites and 3 fish caught. Send like they're boring anything as long as you find where they're at. I would think with three lures split in the same spot there an edge on the ring portion of the shank of the hook cutting them.

  10. Another great video Alex. I love to watch you catch those bass!. I am fortunate enough to have a pair of bald eagles that nest somewhere near my home. I see them flying up and down the creek, or perched near the mouth of the creek at Lake Erie. I see Ospreys here too.

  11. It’s actually fairly easy to get em in the heat up the summer using a Texas rig or senkos nice job brotha always love the content. Quick little tip if you give the hook a nice little pop with your palm when they are hooked through the gill plate with some practice you can get the hook to pop right out. Keep on keepin it realistic for us man

  12. Another awesome video Alex, I love your videos they are so simplistic and realistic nothing fancy just good o’l fashion bass fishing and yet it very entertaining, keep up the great work!!🎣

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