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When to throw a Swimbait on a Spinning Rod (How to Rig a Swimbait CORRECTLY)

When throwing a small swimbait you might wonder do I throw it on a bait caster or spinning rod. In this video I demonstrate when to use it on a spinning rod and why. I show a couple of fish catches and also how to rig it up. I also show you the setup I use.


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  1. Used to throw a curly tail…we called them…they are grubs now…then i got to good to swim a grub…man am i stupid…swim bait is the same thing and has got me back to fishing it…

  2. After theses cheating scandal's I have been doing my own thing instead of tournament fishing I have been paying attention to see what I can do to be resolve this situation groups may come into play but I have to be on the right side of the fence about it not the so if security gets stricter let's make sure it's done right so it's not strict to the point inicent people are going to get in trouble for other's action's cheater's. And to make sure this is done right right on cue I don't have no idea all I can figure is we need to have our eyes open. Because I don't want no cheater being on my boat. Know no electronics and stuff like that is cheating because it's not that's not cheating unless someone makes it cheating like someone purposely sees a fish and they just not pentrate the hook but use it as a gaft instead if people start doing that just stop but I haven't seen if I do thing's like that don't make me happy because it is a living to me it's more severe than cheating in Los Vegas to be honest. So weight's in fish and stuff like that no. And as far as electronic's I think they should stay. Now if more cheater's arise and it gets more out of hand then I feel that's a bigger issue that needs to be resolved somehow. But like I say this is a living. I'm not doing it right now because I think I can make a difference. But sometime in the future I would love to tournament fish.

  3. I did it I got into the spotted bass finally I really wanted to do this because I if get in a bass tournament and I am still on theses spotted bass I really have it locked in because from my experience they get bigger quicker and I know I might get a ear full about this should of went for Largemouth Bass they get bigger than Smallmouth Bass. Why didn't I go for Smallmouth Bass they are caught quite a bit in that average and bigger size better than Largemouth Bass and Largemouth Bass get bigger than Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass but what I have found is once you get on that Spotted Bass bite it can actually mostly in my experience be better than the 2 not only number's but size to and yes I only caught one on a wacky rig 4" Zoom finesse worm in Junebug color on 10lb test mono certain situation though the bites were really slow and you needed to have enough stretch in that mono and here's another thing I figured out I had to use a number 2 size circle and the way they hitting a hook I needed that number 2 circle hook because I couldn't hookset theses fish or I wouldn't of hooked that one so here's what I had to do. I had to work it so slow while giving it as little motion with the rod tip as possible and it had to be a spinning rod setup for the most part because it tightened up more slack then if I was fishing a baitcast setup so I had to stick to the spinning set up so I had the chance to catch and did I. I caught one ok but the Spotted Bass I could feel them and more than likely the thing is they might move but I have confidence the will be there next time and as long as I get to the spot a 12:00pm it is on mark my words I believe this. Todd do you know if I can send fishing pictures in the comments because I really think that would be cool if I could but it not next month I will see what I am working with and see what I got to do to get my YouTube channel running and if all is good and gets better I would really love to be a part of the group. Setup 6'0" fast tip spinning rod with 5:2.1 spinning reel with 10lb test monofilament


  5. I learned this lesson years ago on my first Minnesota smallmouth trip. I fish braid leader on my upside-down rods with everything but this technique, feel like the braid floating puts more bow in the line and the flouro just arches thru the water column. I like all your technical stuff. A video on deep fishing bottom baits and wind direction with line lift and feeling bottom would be a good unique video that you would break down good.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Im really enjoying the swimbait jighead thing as well. Question-could you explain the conditions of when to use the color pink briefly? Much appreciated

  7. its funny you call a baitcaster a regular rod, cuz i grew up only fishing spinning rods. for some reason thats all my dad used, so i call spinning rods regular rods

  8. Gary Yamamoto only uses a spinning rod I believe. That's a pretty heavy hiter in the fishing world. A name that will never be forgotten. I'm not of that mind but I get most of my catches on spinning cuz I'm a finesse guy most of the time from the back of the boat.

  9. Your a great angler piord u seen you at Branson landing at the championship can't remember for sure the year bit you are a top pro fisherman love your videos your knowledge is great anyway just wanted to say thanks

  10. Don't be under any misunderstanding. Washed out pink is a proven color. I've used that color for over twenty years. Some say that when those soft plastics get wet inside of the tackle compartments. Anglers sometimes prefer to have their soft plastic in packets or sealed bags. Instead of boxes. In case water gets in, and the color runs on the swim bait. I'd say with the pink color, occasionally if the color runs out almost completely, it can be even better. Those 'Lavender' shade of swimbaits are like that though. They're a washed out pink.

  11. Ben and Brent – I get it 🤣
    My fairy wand – 😔 I love it
    Love the look on their faces as I pull a 3+ out of the grass with it.
    I run a MH, ya I know – but it is a true MH
    with 30 lb braid and a mono or floro leader.
    30 lb ? Like I said – grass, thus my 3rd attempt at a MH. Broke 2 already.

    Technique wise, I love this 👍
    Caught some nice ones. A nice break when they won't eat a fluke, which is my "Senko".
    Toddism' = everyone throwing this ? Go where they aren't looking 🤫

    Been a minute since you've done one of these boss. Glad to see it pop up 👍
    Toss in my usual – "more please"

  12. Not to proud to throw a spinning rod. It is a co-anglers best friend. Like you said it has it's place. I think at least for me with the small swimbaits and other lighter moving bait techniques it gives me more control in how I work the bait. And spinning reel technology has improved leaps and bounds over the last 10 to 20 years were they are faster, better drag and smoother.

  13. Probably my favorite technique for NorCal spots. I’m sure there are better things to throw but when they are on that small swim bait, it’s all day. I guess I need to try that pink one.

  14. Man, I saw the title and I thought this was going to be a YouTube short video where you said "Hey guys, when you should throw a swimbait on a spinning rod…?…..Never… 😂…good video

  15. I use spinning rods to skip small swimbaits or any soft plastics under docks. I am not good enough to use a bait caster for skipping. The smaller swimbaits are underrated in my opinion.

  16. Todd, no shame in using the right tool. Try when reeling in dropping your index finger down to where the line hits the finger and watch the rod tip dance. A retrieve secret unobtainable with a bait caster.

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