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What Size Swimbait Reels You Should Use For Big Swimbaits!

In todays video, I go over the importance of choosing the right size reel when it comes down to fishing big swimbaits. Getting the …


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  1. I have many 150,s 200,s and 300,s. i am going to go with a Tranx 400 to go on my dedicated swim bait Dobyns 807 or 864, I don't need the capacity, but i like the way it feels on those bigger rods and i like a wider spool. Do you feel that the HG is too fast for the bigger baits or are you ok with it?..thanks for the video!

  2. I thought I needed a 300 size, but now realize I really need a 200 size. I'm not throwing anything bigger than 4 oz. Thanks bro, this video helped a lot. The Shimano guys are all but hurt because you left out the Tranx 😂

  3. Don’t get the abu beast the parts are not even comparable to the lexa 300 & 300hd if you want a in-depth look up a breakdown and internal review of the lexa, tranx and the beast

  4. what size reel should i get if im throwing 2-6 oz baits? u said 300 is good for 4-6oz but will it do fine at lower weights too? im looking to get my first swimbait setup and i think im goin with the tatula elite 8' swimbait heavy moderate for hard baits with treble hooks and need to find a reel now to pair with it.

  5. justing getting into swimbait right now have a megabass orochi xx leviathan and a daiwa tatula 200 and a daiwa zillion tw hd 1520 xhl will most of the time thorw 6in megabass magdafts and 6 in megadraft free sylses with 1/8 oz weight hooks and megabass i silde 185 and the 135 and megabass i wing 135 is that okay or just i get the 300 size reel might thorw the 262 is i silde also but not that much

  6. I heard some mention of gear ratio, but what are the common ratios used for big baits?

    If I had to pick one set up for 2-6oz, what would be the first reel to get into it?

  7. I know this videos a little old but Im getting into the smaller side of the swimbait game 1 and 1/2 to 4 oz range just scooped the Megabass TB because i do mainly shore fishing ,what is a good reel youd suggest / have you seen the new curado 200 dc

  8. Calcutta 400 doesn’t have a big gear. Old Calcutta TE700 has a big gear like the lexa 400. The strength of 300 plus reels is more mass in the off handle side plate, round reels it’s metal, low profile it’s thicker gauge plastics. Calcutta and ryoga is too expensive for what you get. I went for a lexa cheap, very strong and a drag that doesn’t get hot like the tranx when dealing with big fast fish. Bass! Any reel will do, the gear/pinion has nothing to do with casting

  9. Wife just got me a phenix abyss psx 806 and I want to get into swim baits but never fished that style before and need a reel. This is an absolutely AWESOME video!!! Thank you I feel much more informed

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