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What I Wish Someone TOLD ME About Fishing a MAGDRAFT

A big style swimbait is something of the last frontier in the bass fishing industry for most of the fishing community. However, it can be one of the most useful tools in the game. Just like every other bait we use it simply relies on the right conditions and it can turn an awful day into some of the most epic days on the water.

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Tackle Used

Magdraft Gear
Ark Essence 7’6” MH –
Shimano SLX 7:2:1-
P Line Tactical Fluorocarbon (15-20lb) –
Megabass Magdraft –
Hook Upgrade – Owner STX 1/0 –

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  1. Great video! I'll get to fishing mine sometime soon – the early spring kind of flew by! The one thing I'm uncertain about that nobody seems to really address with these pre-rigged treble models is depth. Many talk about mid depths like 6 to 12 feet but these bait, although heavy, may not sink like a log, allowing you to get down and stay down in these deeper depths. Some presenters of videos on the "pre-rigged treble" lead one to believe its most productive season would be pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn, but mainly to the extent those fish are in the shallows, suitable to spawning, call it a foot out to maybe 4 or 5 feet. I've not seen anyone use a worm weight to achieve a deeper presentation, and wonder if that would mess with the way the body moves, or perhaps rolls to a side as so many have sworn by that you need to fish the pre-rig very slowly to keep it running right. I know that the Freestyle model can pickup where the pre-rig leaves off, but I'm asking your thought on depth presentation with the pre-rig (and not 20 feet, but say that 8 out to maybe 15 feet).

  2. Hey is it normal for them to fall apart after one fish? first time out with it i caught a 4 with it and the magdraft was destroyed. Don't get me wrong i love the action and caught a nice one with it, but to spend $15 on a something that gets destroyed by one fish is annoying.

  3. I have never been able to get a magdraft to run correctly at that high a gear ratio. I use a Cardiff 301A 5.8:1 for the 8 inch and even it feels a shade too fast. I have to really pay attention and be deliberate about my retrieve. For the 5-6 inch models, I generally step it down to a 6 from my regular 7.

  4. Those lures should be great in Florida for snook and other saltwater fish. In brackish water you could catch a snook or bass or tarpon or peacock bass in the same spot. I like versatile lures like that. It should catch cobia and mahi mahi offshore too. Cool.

  5. You catch bigger fish on average with these swimbaits, but you'd be surprised how many smaller fish you catch. The really aggressive ones don't know the size of their own mouths or bellies. I've caught bass well under a pound on big 8" swimbaits. I even caught a green sunfish on a 6" bluegill jointed swimbait…the lure was half as big as the sunfish. Green sunfish are notoriously aggressive with short memories, but still….

    Just bought a magdraft. I'm excited to see how it works. I've got a small county lake I want to try it on. It's a great lake and I usually pull 6-10 bass every trip with half of them being between 3 and 4 lbs. But I've only caught a couple in that 5 lb range. All of the fish are well fed with bellies because the bait fish population is great and they have a lot of cover. But for some reason the bigger fish I've had trouble getting them to commit. I see some 6+ lb fish follow, but they never commit. I've heard good things about this bait, so hoping it can be the bait that finally gets them to commit. Last year a guy caught a 9 lb bass in the lake(9 lbs in Kansas is HUGE) so I know they'll commit if you give them the right presentation.

  6. hey i ordered a few magdraft swimbaits off of tackle warehouse and they didnt come with any hardware which i was unaware of but also if you go to the treble hooks so what do you have to hook the trebles on

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