What I Saw Yesterday At Lake Of The Ozarks Changed My Mind About Bass Fishing…

Randy talks about what he saw yesterday at lake of the Ozarks..#bassmaster #catchandrelease #angler #fish #fishing #fishingtrip #fishinglife #fishingdaily #bassfishing

Advance bass fishing with Randy Blaukat, YouTube channel.

Lake map breakdowns ..


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  1. Just goes to show you…there are no guarantees & nothing is 100% in bass fishing, or any fishing really…Fish aren't controlled by people & do what they want, any time/any place..

  2. Could those bass be out there waiting for schools of bait to get close enough to feed on together? I know small bass will attack shiners in open water in Florida by ganging up. Maybe they were just waiting for the bait to come out?

  3. I can only speak from my experience and spots tend to do some things that us as anglers think are unusual. There way more unpredictable then largemouth and smallmouth. My biggest spot 20.50 inches came on a cast I was just casting out a minor backless on a place I figured nothing would be.

  4. I'm near the 90 mm and it's been a strange year for fishing. Little rain, creeks low with minimal feed to the Osage, warmer temperatures, Truman dam generation light, and a short full pool season has everything off. Also headwater readings of lake level don't appear to historically match water lines on riprap and bridge pilings. I'm hoping for a better season next year.

  5. I was thinking the other day after watching some tournaments on the Lake Of The Ozarks. A lot of big Bass were being caught on do nothing banks, near docks. with as much preasure as they get there with guy's fishing docks, maybe, they just move out from under the docks and get in some shady water that isn't beat on to have some peace and not be hit in the head with 3/4 oz. jig heads all day?

  6. Think about it Randy. Muddy water provided cover and shade, so they didn’t need the cover of docks or brush to be comfortable. The were probably waiting for forage or just hitting the smaller lures as a reaction without hunger being a factor.

  7. New info is always cool! Speaking of learning, I was out on the lake today, using a zoom ultra vibe crawl…#2 straight shaft hook…3/8 black bullet weight, had the hook coming out of the creatures back…missed about a half dozen! Then I remembered what u said about hooking a worm just through the skin on its side…so I did that to the crawl…BAM!…caught 4 in a roll in the boat…thanks Randy…u r the man"

  8. Randy it’s funny but the ky bass do the same thing in September at Cumberland, this time of the year I always have an AC shiner or old school rebel 2 inch ghost tied on, fishing in 80 ft of barren water and have a good old time, don’t know why they are if wolf packs at times with little or no baitfish but idc fun to catch

  9. When things like this are encountered it brings out your curiosity and you want to do what you can to figure it out. Stuff like this stays with you and as you said makes it fun!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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