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“Weenie Rigging”…The Hottest New Finesse Technique In Bass Fishing

Randy shows everybody how to use and rig the weenie rig… which is one of the long held secrets among finesse fisherman in the country…#finessefishing #bassfishing #fishthemoment #fishing #bass

Blaukat Old School Jig link…


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  1. Hey Randy, on the Livescope discussion. If Bass and MLF made forward facing sonar against the rules in their tournaments, what about practice? People could still locate prime areas with it days before a tournament. Yes fish move but some spots are always holding fish. It's kinda like instead of practicing without having to fish and shake them off. It's a way to find fish without having to catch them during practice. So if they did vote to not use in tournaments how would it be regulated for practice, because that would actually still give someone a little edge vs the guy that has to actually throw a bent hook so he can shake them off to see if fish are holding in a spot? Hope I made sense, what do you think, and how would they control that?

  2. Why not give Don a plug here for his worms as well Randy he has some of the best worms people probably don’t know about and you get a shit ton of them hand poured too full of salt doodle worms reapers tackle warehouse

  3. Your the only other person I've seen do a skin hook on the side. I use to miss or should say lost a lot of fish on tubes then I started skin hooking them on the side just like you did with this worm and my hook ups went way up on tubes. Semper Fi from an old Marine

  4. I tried this rig the other day and caught about 10 bass and lost about 10 bass. I did not have my sinkers painted red but I did that yesterday and will go out in the next few days and give that completed rig a shot. Thanks for the tip not to brag but my partner only caught two fish all day.

  5. Is there a formula for coming up with names for new techniques or new names for techniques?? Lol, because names like TRD rig, peed rig, and weenie rig seem to follow a naming fad I don’t know about! 😋

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