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We catch bluegill using spinning gear and worms to then put the live bluegill on a wacky hook and try for some big bass! We ended up catching some giants, and are going to have to try this again when we have more time! Using live bluegill was a blast!



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  1. I was taught this over 20 years ago. To bad they didn't have camera phones back then. The guy who showed me use to win bass tournaments with this method. Also used frogs. Really depends how hungry the fish are. It's most definitely best way to catch the monsters. Anyone tells you otherwise doesn't fish enough. Obviously the spot your fishing is loaded. But this definitely works. Caught an 8 pounder same way. Sunset too. Its the best feeling for sure. Night time is the best fishing to me.

  2. Helpful tip: zip tie a swivel around the neck of the bottle then feed your line through the open swivel loop with a bobber stopper to make a slip rig so you can get a more solid hook sets!

  3. I tried it before this video and 10 seconds after i casted it out, I caught a 5 pounder. Definitely work's, the most effective way to catch bass in my opinion.

  4. I have a pond in my back yard. I do this all the time. In fact in the peak of summer I cant even get a hit on crank bait so I just use bluegill. Get alot of criticism from "real" fisherman but I dont care. I just catch and release anyway.

  5. I’m been wanting to try this so I thought I’d see how it works for u, I usually catch my bait with a castnet it works very well for me, but some ppl find them a little difficult to use

  6. just after sun up and just before dark or a cloudy overcast day bream on the bottom are super fun. using biggest bream you can catch. once in a while a catfish will come along too. huge blue cats and flat heads will take them

  7. Bro. Just tried this today with no luck. Only was able to fish a couple bluegill out. Then I found this video. I’m going out again tomorrow or the next day to try again lmao

  8. This is probably the easiest method to catch largemouth bass using live bait, even using shiners too. These are part of the bass's natural diet. If artificial lures won't work, then trusty live bait will get the job done!

  9. i just went out for the first time to catch bluegill, just used corn, caught 20 in about an hour. Next i'll start using them as bait and see if I can finally get my elusive lake bass. I can catch bass all day in the river but never have been able to get one in the lake.

  10. I tried this today at the very few and small ponds that I have around my area. I caught ten good sized bass, and beat my bass record: 26 inches and 4 pounds!!! It’s so much fun 😂

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