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TROPHY Striper Fishing in MAINE. Tying my Biggest Striped Bass Ever and 3 Personal Bests.

Weather has been hit or miss but with all the big striped bass around we had to sneak out the last two Friday evenings after work. In this video I cover several important things to do and consider when catching and reviving larger stripers. Ben, Gareth and Benny all caught fish over 40 which are their personal best, with Gareth tying my all-time best at 44 inches. As you will see all the fish were release in excellent condition and spent minimal time out of the water.
I talk several times in this video about not pulling the fish backwards in the water to revive them. I don’t know when this revival method became widespread, but it is stupid and goes against common sense. You should never pull a fish backwards. If you fought the fish well and limited the fight time with proper sized gear, then the fish simply needs to be handled correctly and kept upright in the water. This is the case if the fishing is moving its mouth and gill plates pushing water over its gills on its own, simply hold the fish until it kicks off and swims away. If for some reason the fish is worn out you should put the boat in gear and hold the fish upright headfirst into the into the current.

I welcome any differing opinions in the comment section as healthy debate is how people learn and get better as fishermen, please keep it respectful.

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  1. @FishingWithBoyt – you've inspired us to try stripper fishing! Any tips on where to catch baitfish/Macks in Casco Bay? Planning to take the kids out this weekend for their first stripper trip.

  2. Awesome techniques. Got out last Friday also. Once we tracked down the macks, we had a great day with a dozen on the boat, but you won the big girl prize. Great to see guys getting their personal bests! Keep 'em coming.

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