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Toronto Pond Fishing – HUGE Bass At HIGH Park

High park and Ontairo place are both really tough spots to fish. These are some clips from a few really good days i had a few weeks ago.


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  1. Any tips for fishing in Toronto ive tried fishing all along lake ontario with no success with using lures, live baits and just food like corn but I have gone fishing in High park with some success with little bass and blue gill but im really trying to get huge catfish,pike and bass so if you got any tips let me know

  2. Dangerously weaving through traffic, fishing where it's not allowed, dragging the fish across gravel and sand and keeping the fish out of the water way too long. I never have my released fish so out of it that it takes forever to 'revive'. A number of those fish most likely died. Just because they splash off at first doesn't mean they aren't going to die from your pathetic disregard for them.

  3. no fishing sign lmao thats how you know there is the best fishing there ,,,ok first place is ontario place but what about all the rest? did not really look familiar as high park?

  4. Some great bass caught, however many of your viewers are stating that they'd like to try the same spots. They should know that fishing is currently not permitted where you are fishing from (North end of the pond) so they may be challenged if they try the same thing. Where fishing is allowed there's usually a crowd.

  5. Night bite is hands down the best period at this pond. The first 2.5-3hours after sunset is total fire especially if youre looking for a bigger bite.
    That spot @5:47 is total money in evening and that spot @6:50 is gauranteed topwater blowups throwing a popping frog early morning

  6. I thought that they made fishing illegal in that pond except for one spot near the dock. Is that true? Also is the fishing good there because I heard a fish kill and overfishing made the fishing bad?

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