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Topwater Bass Fishing the Everglades Holiday Park Grass Flats

The Florida Everglades are world famous for it’s grass flats. The largemouth bass fishing can be some of the best fishing in the entire state at times. The bass come spawn in these grass flats and you can see the beds just about everywhere you turn.
in this video my client Greg and I work the grass in search of the giant spawning black bass using topwater swim baits.

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  1. What an extraordinary piece of high quality work you put together here! This is just absolutely amazing and so informative! The way everything came together at the end was just absolutely marvelously done! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this! Can't wait for the next adventure! Jake from Maryland

  2. Use to fish there before electric trolling motors with a 3hp johnson weedless throughing a johnson weed wing prop on the front and a pork frog on the back. haven't been there in years but the fishing hasn't changed. GREAT VIDEO.

  3. Well this video was well worth the wait! As always a great job. I’ll keep saving my pennies so I can get one of those Fitzgerald rods! Not many rods would stand up to that type of fishing. I know you and I both appreciate how fortunate we are to have this type of fishing in our home state. Thanks again for posting.

  4. Hey Ken from Kansas here great video Shane we're going to start heading that way tomorrow I love fishing right there by Holiday Park are you right there by the shallow water by the airboats last time when I was there I nailed some donkeys. Damn that water looks crystal clear.

  5. Awesome Shane, glad to see you. Keep making the videos. Decided to pick up my first Fitzgerald rod,got it at BJs. Good deal and I'm very pleased with the rod. Quick question is there enough water out there for a 20ft ranger with a 200?

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