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Top 3 BAITS For JULY Bass Fishing!

The top 3 baits for July bass fishing! July Bass fishing is the time of year the fishing starts to get really tough. Most of the bass are fully post spawn and on their summer spots while there still may be some fish spawning. July bass fishing is the time I start to focus on deeper fish and more finesse presentations and even in the northeast for smallmouth. Give these top 3 baits for july bass fishing a shot and see if they catch you more fish!

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  1. Do you have preferred lengths of weight to hook based on what you are fishing. I live in South Central Mississippi where the lakes have a lot of grass and sometimes I fish a length of leader that will keep the hook just above the top of the weeds.

  2. Hey Nathan, I’m not in the great USA nor have I ever been fortunate enough to fish for big ol’ bass. But a lot of the info and skills are semi transferable to fishing for perch and pike over here in the UK. Thanks for all the great content and I really enjoy your delivery somewhere between Blaukat and the Googan goons. Liked and subscribed. Peace ✌️

  3. Used to live in PA, just moved to FLA…. Couldn't stand the political atmosphere And over reach in PA. Fished Nockamixon a few times, as well as Lake Minsi…..never caught anything worth talking about… Mainly kayak fishing. Good channel bud, keep up the good work

  4. Any ideas on using a drop shot in pea soup colored water? I cannot conquer this one fishery with the drop shot. I am guessing because, it's a site presentation and, they just can't see the worm that well?? I've tried darker worms, slowing it down, dead stick and nothing. Thx.

  5. Tried the Carolina rig at a tough fishery last season and had zero success. I'm going to go with the thought that there were no fish in the area I was fishing. I probably quit on it too early. Not sure if I'm ready to drag that thing again.

  6. Was hoping you were going to say drop shot!! I started using it this Winter and I just can't put it down. This one place I fish, I've caught 25 bass a day on a drop shot. I use a 1/0 Googan wacky hook with a 4" Zoom worm but, I have more luck biting about 1" off the head. My weight is a 1/8 ounce stick weight. Chuck it out, let it sink (if there isn't a ton of weeds/slime) just raise that rod tip and maybe a twitch or two on a taut line. They'll tell you if they aren't aggressive, those days you'll have to let it sink and dead stick it for a bit. I like the exposed hook for hookup ratio even though I have to clean the grass/algae off fairly often. The drop shot has really simplified fishing for me at that one lake. I always catch fish while other, stubborn anglers go catch less with their lure choices. Glad you included the drop shot. Had me worried there!

  7. C. Rig with a Plum OL' Monster been the deal for me the past few weeks in 15'-20'. I am watching this video while tying on a 6XD. Will probably grab my Dropshot rod.

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