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Top 25 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in the West – California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada

If you are like most bass anglers, you have a home lake. It may be 30 minutes down the road. You have your favorite spots. And you may even catch bass with consistency. But, where should you go fishing when you get the rare hall pass or free weekend?

There’s no need to jump on the Google machine and chase fishing reports down rabbit holes. We did the chasing for you … We dig into tournament results and fish-catch surveys from every lake mentioned, as well as some we come across independently, to create a master list. Numbers are crunched and a blue-ribbon panel of industry insiders vote on the rankings.

What follows is a whole lot of homework that we hope allows you to cheat on the test of finding bass eager to bite.

25 – Siltcoos Lake
24 – Lake Pleasant
23 – Lake Walcott
22 – Sand Hallow
21 – Brownlee Reservoir
20 – Lake Washington
19 – Lake Mead
18 – Potholes Reservoir
17 – Lake Powell
16 – Lake Mohave
15 – Tenmile Lake
14 – Pyramid Lake
13 – Roosevelt Lake
12 – Lower Colorado River
11 – Moses Lake
10 – Lake Shasta
9 – Lake Havasu
8 – Lake Comanche
7 – Dworshak Reservoir
6 – Elephant Butte
5 – Lake Cour D’Alene
4 – California Delta
3 – Diamond Lake
2 – Lake Berryessa
1 – Clearlake

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