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Time for some bass fishing! Gatortail Boats

Bass fishing is one of my favorite things to do, I finally take a break and go. #bass #bassfishing #fishing

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  1. Hello Andrew how are you man? It's good to see you & Roger out fishing together man. I am glad you got out man cuz i know you been working hard man & the same here for me. I was able to get a break from Trucking 🚛 & my wife , 6 boys , daughter in law , Granddaughter , Nephew took me & my lil brother out kayak camping 🏕 trip & did a lil bit of fishing man. You are right man about fishing man you catch some & you lose some. It happens to me & my lil brother this weekend. I know i been MIA man but Trucking 🚛 Company took off from been 1 truck 🚛 to 4/5 truck 🚛 now & it got me very extremely busy that I was not looking at. Happy Father's day to you man & i am going to take Time to get back to watching your videos man cuz i do miss them & i Apologize for missing so many videos man. You take it easy buddy & i hope you had a good weekend buddy.

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