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This Will Change the Way You Fish Swimbaits

Megabass Product Specialist, Justin Perelli will change the way you fish the Magdraft Freestyle. Hop on board with Justin as he breaks down the vast depth zones and features of large glacial lakes with the Magdraft Freestyle in ways that you may not have thought of.

Products used:
Magdraft Freestyle 
OrochiXX Perfect Pitch 


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  1. Honestly, I prefer the Chris Z knock off version, because I can fish it slow or fast. I can make it pop to the surface during a boil and get bit. IDK, why Megabass let Chris go, but they should have redesigned the Magdraft years ago with him. He left and made an upgraded version of the Magdraft with Bass Mafia. I'm sure the Megabass design team has been hearing Chris's ideas for years and just ignored them. More durable plastic and doesn't foul when sped up.

  2. I'm up in Toronto Ontario Canada and I've been absolutely hammering our BIG Northerns on the magdraft especially in the late fall/winter when the big 38-44"/10-20+lb girls move up shallow chasing gizzard shad and feeding heavily before they get ready to spawn. Bombing this bait out in 10-25fow, letting it sink to bottom on slack line and slow rolling it 2-12" off bottom with the odd twitch/pause/jerk/rip gets it CHEWED. My only complaint is that they don't make a bigger version.

  3. Nice video, well presented. With this style of bait though I much prefer a standard weighted Swimbait hook. If you need more weight to get down deeper, just add nail weights to the body. Jigs seem to tear the crap out of the bait after a few good size fish requiring more frequent repairs that compromise the effectiveness of the bait after a while; the baits with a jig are also more effective with a trailing treble stinger which seems less important when using Swimbait hooks. Just my opinion.

  4. What jig head are you using, I need gove that a try. I've been rigging them on 8/0 3/4 oz weighted swimbait hook which does keep it down very well. Opens hook would b better for open areas.

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