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This VIOLENT Encounter on the water left me Speechless…

I’ve seen bass take down big bait fish…but never a 13-14″ crappie in one head shot…

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  1. There is some pigs in that lake. Couple years ago I had a 9.13 and a 9.03 off that island in the back. Them changing the length limit several years ago definitely made a difference. Operation world record program made a big impact on it also.

  2. I'll never understand how respect is given to someone who uses 3 screens and live scope to watch the fish the entire time. Money has never been more important as now to be a successful bass fisherman

  3. any tips for someone that doesnt have graphics like that? i have an 89 model 16' javelin bass boat, i do have a hummingbird helix 5 with down and side scan. i dont know how to offshore fish like this im a bank beater but any tips would be awesome thanks man and congrats on the bass win.

  4. Man I love that sea dek will u give some info on it like color, brand an where u got it!? You have one of the only glass boats I've seen w it up on the decks

  5. I seen the same thing happen to me today in northwest mo but instead of a crappie the fish that the bass was chasing was a bluegill and the bass wasn’t near as big as the in your video. (Small pond). Same result as well. Aka nothing!!!!

  6. What's up my man Ben awesome clinic you put on today. I've been trying to reach out to you I live in VA and if you need any help on buggs I've got a 21 ft Phoenix and willing to help . Also I have a local lake that puts out giant bass on swim baits that's what I do and while your in VA let's go. Good luck bro let me know if I can help.

  7. Bruh just casually catches a 11 pound pass and acted like it was 5 like bruh I'd Frick tf out if I caught a 11 pound I've been fishing for a while now I'm 18 and I've caught sum atound 5 pounds I just haven't been put in good situations to go fish big lakes and catch some gaints

  8. I'm soooo jealous! That 11.7lbs is a lil less than a pound away from the Washington state record. A good day of fishing for me is a day on the water. A great day for me is catching anything 4+lbs. Hooking into what you caught would be a story I'd tell every day for the rest of my life. My personal best is 5lbs 14oz and I still dream of that catch. Thank you for showing me how it's done.

  9. I caught a big black crappie with a black line down his spine. I think it was a magnolia right? I lost a 8 and a 7 at the boat this week Ben…. I’ve been on them but they’ve been getting the best of me 😢. You hammered the bigs as usual.

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