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This Simple Trick will help you learn where the big bass live on the Delta (Watch until the End!)

In this video, I’m just out fishing! I’m fishing the conditions and enjoying my time on the water. I also give y’all the one trick you need to figure out where the big bass live on the California Delta. Stay Tuned until the end.🤘
Snagproof Poppin fattie
Missle Baits D-Bomb
Boss Outdoors/Fishing skirts hand-tied jig


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  1. Ive been punching alot in the delta but I havent been able to land one. Are there any good spot out of tracy O. I can go to punch fish this time of year?

  2. Waterskied there for decades down that slough. It's always has been popular with skiers since as far back as I can remember (80s). Plus, you get all the larger pleasure boats transitioning through it from disco bay.

  3. Now a days it called using a fish finder to hunt down the bass. They won't have fighting chance to hide. Bass fishing is becoming a video game

  4. I wish I had that boat so cool I just got a little 16 foot Jon boat but it gets me around the Delta thanks for the knowledge. .I’m out there 3 to 4 days a week are Orchard backs right up to the river can launch right from my backyard if you ever want to come down I’ll show you some new spots that are great for producing quality fish. I generally don’t tell people exactly where I fish it’s taken me yrs/months countless hrs to find them. But since you share your knowledge I’ll share my honey holes with you.

  5. Hi new subscriber here🙋‍♂️ i do you do delta report on panfish like bluegills and crappies even catfish? In that area i always fish around there bank mostly though

  6. New to the channel never been to the delta where would u recommend to start at I'm coming from the fresno area any info would be appreciated and love the videos so far

  7. That area always filled with those boats bc it's a straight long area. Great spot for them to tow their buddies or kids. I fished there once and not once i went back since. lol good video!

  8. too much boat traffic for my taste. always hate them boat who tow back and forth around you when they know you're fishing in the area.

  9. You could honestly have 4 or 5 punch setups this time of year lol. Skirt, no skirt, different weight sizes and hook sizes

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