This ONE FISH could determine my ENTIRE SEASON!! (Buggs Island Open Day 1)

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  1. Are yall hitting the Potomac this season? If you do, it would be dope to say whats up irl – I'm a local

  2. So I'm watching "Road Wars" and during commercial I normally don't watch but I hear them I'm sitting here and hear a voice I recognize and rewind it and sure enough it's an Orkin commercial with Ben Milliken teaching a guy a fishing technique in his front yard. 😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Dude only a few have conquered Buggs n all seasons. Fritz , Beck , Wright and Coble. Used to be a 3.5lb average. Water level and current are the biggest factors. Can't live poke glide all the time. Hoping u would find the unknown. Definitely an M F er . Still like to do Raleigh NC. Jordan , Falls , Harris,

  4. Love to see you in the face in adversity brother cause you don’t fumble at all. That’s such a huge confidence booster for myself cause I tend to get frustrated and make bad choices when I’m not catching them or not catching the right ones. Cole your edits are top of the game man you guys make such an incredible team. Who would have known when you first became Bens camera guy that this is where it would lead. So badass. Keep it up dudes!!!👊💪

  5. Hey Ben, I was thinking of a cool member video. With it getting hot now I feel like it would help my game a lot if I could learn about underwater features like drains and such. How to spot them from the surface if possible, as I’m a bank fisherman. Any help on this subject would be so much appreciated. Thanks Ben, wish you all the luck in the world and continued success!!

  6. This is my home lake . Next time you are here try out nutbush campground bridge along the rip rap have caught many nice 5-6 lb bass this time of year they are on Shad spawn at night and first thing in the morning

  7. Dope edit. Having Cole in the boat is a game changer. Awesome he got to do it in an elite series event.. can’t wait to see more. Keep going boys! 😎

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