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This LURE BROKE the MAG SPOON Mold – Bass Mafia BIG Larry REAL Review

The Ben Parker or Mag Spoon from Nichols Lures redefined spoon fishing for bass. The Bass Mafia Big Larry could do that once again, breaking through some of the mag spoon features and shortcomings anglers face when fishing them. Want a real honest review of the new Bass Mafia Big Larry Spoon including what it looks like underwater?

Bass Mafia Big Larry
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My spoon setup Halo HFX 7 11 H

Ben Parker Magnum Spoon

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Lowrance Active Target 2


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  1. My Magnum spoon for sure falls away and the smaller ones do a little as well. The spoon bite has been off for weeks now but the 6th Sense spoon has gotten Zero bites. Maybe when it cools down the slower flutter will be better.

  2. I have a gimmicky NFL spoon that's chrome on one side and dark blue with and Arizona Cardinals logo and helmet on the other. For some reason, the bass just try to obliterate that thing. I'm guessing the red bird and white helmet give them something to key off on.

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