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This Japanese Technique Is Taking Over Bass Fishing! Don’t Miss Out!!! | Core Tackle Hover Rig

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Baits mentioned:
Megabass Hazedong –
Jackall Revoltage Drift Fry –
Deps Bull Flat –
Big Bite Baits BFE –
Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Flat Worm –
Strike King Caffeine Shad Jr. –
Geecrack Bellows Shad –

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  1. Fun rig thanx for sum different opinions on set ups n baits. Luv G-crack, Deps bull gill flippin around wood 🪵 n bushes. They hammer it like bed fishin with others in competition, mega food frenzy attack. Totally natural descent with flutters in the appendages make it mmmm mmm mmm yummy! Testing sum 6” unrigged flatter sided swamz. On a 1/0 trokar jig hk with a Nories screw in willow blade that also anchors the plastic to the hook. Lil mo flash as it tickles n pulses the h2o while in a fluttering injured bait dance of death. Almost free riggy actions. Keep at’em y’all & keep feeding us the great technical research 🔬 that flat oot whoops bass

  2. All you are doing is what us fly guys have been doing forever a leech, attractor or nymph under a slip bobber what it does is either let the waves do the action in the same area or pull the slip bobber which gives it that gliding motion but the key is depth control so the fish know that whatever the food form is, that it will not go down below them, rather be above them or in their face

  3. I flip and pitch a Matt Lures crappie bait thats 4.5, maybe 5 inches long. The bait has no tail action and gets bit on the fall. Sometimes it gets bit by "hovering" it with longer casts. 🤔

  4. I caught my PB largemouth on the ⅛oz 3o head paired with a regular Caffeine Shad just a coupla weeks ago. It was 5lbs 5oz…not that big for some of you guys, I'm sure. But I've only been bass fishing since August of last year, so I'm pretty proud of it!

  5. This stuff sounds good and I will try it. One question can you use other than a spinning reel or is it just to light to cast very well even with a very good bait casting reel such as Shimano ?

  6. Hey Johnny I know this has nothing to do with this video but I wanted to thank you because recently you and Randy have changed me completely the way I think about fishing. Randy just did a video talking about how we do to much homework about lures and not enough about bass behavior and then the other day I saw one of your videos and you were talking about how fisherman go out and start fishing without driving around and graphing for hours before you start fishing. Now Johnny a light bulb whent off in my head and I said to myself I've been fishing all these years and years and years the totally wrong. And the past couple of days I've been doing homework on bass behavior and watching your videos on how to read the fish finder better. Hey Johnny you and Randy have changed my whole thought process on how to truly become a superior bass fisherman. God bless you Johnny I really mean that. I just subscribed to your channel God bless. Ps excellent hover rig video I'll be purchasing your jighead johnny I'm almost 60 yrs old that is the best finesse rig I have ever seen.

  7. Wtf don't we all do this already? I've been fishing this method for 15 years. Their was this info Mercian bait that was kill re that taught me, or got me into doing this.. the Banjo minnow

  8. Fly fishing with an intermediate line is way ahead at presenting a leech, dragonfly nymph or minnow imitation horizontally, like fish see these prey items. An additional benefit of flyfishing is that you can pause the retrieve and the imitation falls very slowly.

  9. The idea is around the sinking type hard lure for a long time, mainly used in salt water fishing. Sinking the front and rear evenly and make it wiggles during its fall. I saw similar rod-like jighead in Asia last year.
    Good to hear techniques are passing amongst 2 continent.

  10. We do well on this as a weightless jig hooked bait for lake trout in ultra clear water. The technique is simple, the less you pay attention the better it works. They literally rip the rod out of your hand. Im excited to try this weighted version!

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