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These WACKY RIG Tips Will Improve Your Fishing For Bass

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  1. Great video! I've had amazing success with wacky rig. I like the VMC crossover rings. They allow me to place the hook perpendicular to the worm. I like a VMC Neko hook, size 1. 👌

  2. Matt Stefan:: wouldn’t that rig work best with a small circle hook even better so there’s no reason to have to set the hook because I’m talking for my kids and wife who have muscle memory because I have the ability to not set the hook on the bite but it’s in there head and when they feel something or see that line tick they trying to rip the spine completely out the fish 😂😂 like some gogen or they can reel down but it’s wide open or just reeling no in between for them

  3. I NEED HELP! It's been HOT, sunny (NOT A CLOUD), and slick calm. My water is still in the Prespawn range, upper 50's, maybe still under 60°F. I'm getting skunked other than a few small buck bass on wacky rigged stickbaits. Weeds are barely starting, there is some shallow slimey green algae. What would you throw???

  4. You can use a roll of electrical tape and take a razor knife to split it so it’s half the width now use that as an o ring and skin hook the tape like you would normally hook your worm

  5. Matt wow what a tip I’m headed to pickwick in a couple of weeks for a classic and I will for sure have one tied on thanks guys for the great tips
    Keep On Keeping On

  6. I learned that you don’t worry about how you are going to get the fish out, until the fish is on the other end of your line. Otherwise, you are not casting where fish area good vid

  7. It's amazing the work each of you put in to share the information to us to help us be better out on the water and catch more fish! All the tips are worth it and worth trying especially with today's topic the wacky rig which is #1 for me right now! it's much appreciated guy's and thanks!!!

  8. I was destroying too many worms with this wacky-rig technique. So, what I started doing was using a piece of 1/4" long section of electrical shrink tubing instead of sticking the hook right through the worm or using the O-ring method. My hook is positioned in the center of the shrink tubing.
    That 1/4" length of shrink tubing seemed to keep my hooks from wearing an even bigger hole in the worm each time I cast and retrieved it. It distributed the damage and stress that the hook imparted on the worm across the larger area of the shrink tubing rather than the very center of the worm where the hook was positioned. The fact that I can buy the shrink tubing in different colors helps too. You just use the diameter about one size larger in diameter than your worm. If it's too loose, just put a bit of heat to it till it shrinks to the perfect size.

  9. Ive always used a Carolina rig for deeper water. Might fall a little quicker until the weight hits the bottom but you still get a decent fall when you pop it after it’s down there. I’ll have to try Matt’s trick this year.

  10. I've been using Matt's tip for a while, when he first shared it on his channel a couple of years ago. And it works as advertised. A great little trick to work deeper water with a wacky. I call it the "Stefan rig".

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