The Tournament Season Begins || Smith Mountain Lake BFL!! Spring Bass Fishing (MLF BFL)

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Alright my friends…the tourney vids are here! My goal is to share every single tournament that I fish this year no matter how good or bad it goes so please give me a little slack… We’re also keeping track and sharing the cost of it all. Thank you guys so much for watching, and I hope you’re looking forward to following me along with all the tournaments we’re fishing this year. Jon boat derby #1 coming up next.

Huge shout out and thank you to my friends over at Anglers Choice Marine. I wouldn’t be fishing these tournaments if it weren’t for their support – and if you are looking forward to more content on the Ranger please check them out. Don’t forget the bait and tackle from ACMtackle as well!

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  1. This guy is probably the chillest fisherman I’ve seen😂 great videos man, you should do some washington bass fishing would love to watch you fish some of these lakes here in the pnw.

  2. I caught 1 bass as a Co angler in a sight fishing tournament. Makes it hard to catch fish in the back with no beds to pitch too!! Last Saturday on Smith Mountain Shenandoah division. I need a boat and be a boater. A reliable boat….

  3. Dang, that started out as a bangin' day which seemed promising ……. then slacked of, really tough when tourny fishin' on the $ side of things. I have faith! Let's Gooooooo!!! Be Safe

  4. Thank you, Matt, for taking us along on you first tourney of the 2023 season! It was a start and I'm almost certain that things will improve drastically for you! Keep up the great content! We are all pulling for you!

  5. Nice to see you on home waters man! SML has always been docks and points in the morning, docks and drop offs late to early afternoon

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