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The ONLY Crankbait Video You Need To Watch For Summer Bass Fishing

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  1. hey man, i’m having real trouble catching anything. i aim towards bass but can’t even catch anything, my most recent video covers my trouble. id appreciate some advice from an experienced fisher.

  2. In the on the water footage where Randy talks about shallow cranking, he appears to be using a Megabass Orochi spinning rod (maype the Whipsnake?), but says he uses the Megabass Launcher which is a casting rod. Can you please confirm whether he uses a spinning rod at at for shallow cranking a squarebill?

  3. This channel is amazing. My favorite angler has to be Randy Blauket. But Coach and Matt aren’t slouches by a long shot!

    Randy just has a voice for radio. 😅

  4. Believe it or not, cranks CAN require finesse to catch certain fish. I got lucky figuring out how to crank a 2-4 ft crank in a 1-2 ft deep pond throughout and pulled out probably 100 casts of cleaning grass to 10 retrieves I didn’t have to clean and out of those 10 I caught 3 bass, 1 was 4 inches, 1 was 10 inches, and one was a 2 or 3 pounder. I was completely baffled catching the biggest one in the pond but fish every corner and you might end up with a nice catch and figure out how to fish each lure at each pond and at each corner of that pond and you significantly increase your odds of nabbing that fish!

  5. I've been working more offshore this year; trying to add some versatility to my game. Just yesterday I was deep cranking out of my little plastic 10' boat that has no electronics on it. I was just going from memory from when I graphed it before. Didn't catch anything on a deep crank, but I switched to a football jig and caught a few nice ones. So I know those fish are down there!

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