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The Left Handed Baitcaster… Should I Switch??

Baitcasting reels can be CONFUSING, and this fishing reel experiment CHALLENGED me more than I was expecting!! I currently throw right handed baitcasting reels, but am considering switching to left hand retrieve… should I switch? Let’s find out!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Left Handed Reel
0:53 – Day 1
4:02 – Day 2
8:00 – Day 3
10:55 – Final Grade


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  1. Im new to bait casting and wanted to get a cheaper combo to try it out. I was at walmart just holding one to see how they feel and was like how the heck do you cast with your right arm and then switch to left and reel with your right hand. It just feels so weird. I'm so used to using spinning rods with left hand retrieve. This definitely makes me want to try one even more. Now I'm just worried about birds nesting it all up right away. Lol.

  2. Did you feel speed plaid a part, or should play a part for a new angler? I feel not having to transition hands after the cast would benefit speed, especially for fish that hit the lure immediately when the lure contacts the water. Why/why not?

  3. born right handed but my neighbor who always took me on his boat to fish told me to buy a left hand BC because you dont have to switch hands. its the only way i know how to do it.

  4. So let me throw a little curveball into this. First of all, I’d like to thank you so much for all the (extremely) beneficial information you’ve given me on my journey towards serious fishing!
    My son and I have been using (right handed) spincasters, but I want us to upgrade to some proper fishing rod and reels. I’m interested in baitcasters but not sure what hand to get. We’re used to switching after the cast and reeling in with the right bc that’s how our spincasters are. We are both right handed btw. Would this be a good time to convert, iyo, to a left hand reel? I’m sure it will feel extremely odd to use the left hand for reeling in but it does seem weird to switch over to the other hand. We would have to learn to jerk bait with the right arm now, but at least the rod would be in the power hand/arm from the beginning. Any help/guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

  5. This video only confirms that murica is the place where everything is exact oposite to logic.
    "Im right handed so i thought that i should reel with it because its also my stronger arm"

    While rest of the world says
    "i should reel with weaker arm and hold the rod with stronger arm because its where the heavy load is"

  6. Being ambidextrous with reels is really helpful especially during long tournaments working baits such as jerkbaits that will put a lot of strain on your hand day after day, switching between retrieves can be very useful to fishing day in and day out!

  7. I think it has to do with saltwater or fresh water fishing. You have to reel in a mile of line in saltwater fishing. You need your dominant hand on the reeling handle. I dont have a dominant hand, i choose left handed reels because most people are right and won't use my rod and reel on my boat.


  9. I’m LH, but use RH retrieve, swing a golf club RH. A lot of it is due to what was available when we were first learning, and in this RH world, we adapted to some things, sometimes irreversibly.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of videos that say “a 7”0 medium heavy isn’t ideal for ____”, but don’t explain why. I’d love to see a video clarifying WHY rods/reels are better for each rig/style of fishing. Ex: WHY a 6”9 medium spinning rod is good for finesse fishing, WHY a 7”2 medium heavy is good for pitching and flipping frogs, etc. (I know the contest is over, but still 😂)

  11. Being a right handed person, I’ve always fished with a left hand retrieve. I’ve actually found it saves me time on a cast by not having to shift my grip around when reeling. Plus having my dominant hand on the rod gives me much more control

  12. I think the biggest advantage is the time it takes to switch hands. How many times has the bait just barely hit the water. Bam! Fish on! If you're in the process of switching hands. You'll miss the hook set on the take. Just an observation from me, over the years.

  13. I use right hand retrieve I tried left hand for spinning reels and baitcasters and feels weird I'm right handed and using my right hand to control the pole feels weird to me I tried it for a couple months and I'll stick to my left hand controling the pole with my right hand holding the pole I can't set the hook properly and feels weird but when I hold the pole in my left hand feels better and I can fight the fish better but even though I'm right handed my left hand is stronger then my right and I fight the fish just fine and set the hook way better with my left hand I'll stick to my right hand retrieves just feels better to me after trying the left hand retrieve for a couple months not for me

  14. Yet another one for so called left hand retrieve. To be honest it doesn't even make sense that these would be called "left handed" since your strong right hand controls the rod… How did this get this way? Most people use Spinning reels with the handle on your left hand. I would call these right handed, why is it backwards with baitcasters????

  15. I’m right handed and have always used left handed retrieve. It has always made me curious seeing YouTubers and other fishermen have to switch hands after their cast. Casting with their right hand then having to change hand positions to real with their right hand. Reeling left handed I get to cast with my dominant hand and immediately begin to real with my left. Just makes so much more sense to me. Plus my dominant hand being used to set the hook and battle a large fish feels much more stable, all my left hand has to do is reel.

  16. Really cool video. I just bought a left handed reel and Im excited to try it out. I would love to see a video about urban pond fishing in the summer. I always stuggle to catch fish in my local ponds in the summer time.

  17. Great video. I just ordered my first baitcaster rod combo. I selected left handed, just because I've always had a left handed retrival on my spinning rod/reel setups. So, it seems natural, as I won't have change old habits or adjust hand habits from a right return baitcaster. But, this video helped me realize I did not make a mistake, because I don't understand why spinners are traditionally left and baitcasters right. Any history behind that as the standards? I was guessing some practical reason was in place, but this video seems to indicate it's just a random standard for the baitcaster to be right side retrival????

  18. Best advise for a new bass fisherman who has tried almost every bait type and one or more neighborhood ponds in the DFW area and is still having no luck. How you scout for ponds on google earth and then go try them out.

  19. it leaves your hand free for the net switching with fish on is more awkward than when there isn't a load. I think that's the main reason, but if you are fishing for dinks the right hand helps bring the fish in vs the left where its weaker and would have more trouble manipulating the net or the fish. But maybe Im over thinking it.

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