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The In Deep On The Delta Fishing Report For 9/14/2023.

Fall is approaching and we’re seeing some of the best fishing of the season. Both stripers and large mouth are responding to a wide varity of baits. Topwaters can produce throughout the day for both species. Very little pressure, pleasant weather and great fishing, it’s time to get out and enjoy the river.


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  1. Thanks for the video Steve! Christian is a great guy and all I can say is that if anyone is on the fence about going with him, climb off and spend the money. I figure I fuel up my boat and burn at least $125 in fuel driving around and searching, and still being stumped. Christian can get you on fish if you just want to "catch fish" but he will TEACH you and help you become a better angler! I hope I run into you out there sometime soon, Steve!

  2. Steve got out this morning with a guide, and was using a bubble popper, and landed a 4lb 4 oz. Big Girl still spawning out. She was really fun to get in the boat. I caught a total of 6 bass, but 2 were quality, and 3 were keepers and 1 aquarium BassπŸ˜€ Yea topwater and drop shot were getting bit as well. Thanks for your report. Please show some footage of you and Christian fishing.

  3. Saw u out there the other day I pulled up in the blue basstracker as u were leaving. First trip to delta for me sadly lol. Had a fun morning caught a lot of fish nothing over 2 n half. Got most on spinner bait and underspin. Few on poppers. White spinner.

  4. Steve, I got your message. I haven't called you yet because I'm waiting for our new bait to come in to bring it to you for the first look. Crossing fingers, it comes in soon before the bites over. haha.

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