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The Flutter Spoon: A Fishing Film

Chris Zaldain’s “Type 2 Video Series” digs deep into the building of what he considers the best flutter spoon to hit the bass fishing market in a decade. The Big Larry Spoon was build in collaboration with Bass Mafia and Nicholes Lures.

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*Camera Chesty Mount that I use*

*Big Spoon Setup*
*Rod* 7’6″ Medium Heavy
*Reel* 8:1
*Main Line* 50lb
*Leader Line* 30lb


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  1. Very cool video Chris!
    Great content as well as excellent video capturing and editing!
    If you have a moment, I have a pretty cool video on my channel where Tony Lain and I smeared them on the Flutter Spoon at Diamond Valley Lake in Southern, CA.

  2. I mean. I feel like I’m commenting this every single video but I really do thoroughly enjoy this channel. Lol. Like I will not miss a video. Won’t happen. And I’m never disappointed. I’ll be purchasing that spoon. I know that was the intention for this video. Well it worked. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I need some big Larry down here for grouper…. tried the lake fork on them with no takers, but I think they would hammer Larry… Theat flutter spoon bite is nasty! Awesome videos bud! 🤙🦀🌴

  4. I live close to teledo bend and rayburn. Also have a private lake near Shreveport. Caught my pb 10lb 2oz this year. I watch all your stuff. You are my favorite angler. You have inspired me to chase the big girls. I tip my hat to you sir. Keep up the good work. Johnny and Charles are worth every penny you pay them.

  5. I never used a spoon until about a month ago. I was on one of the biggest schools of white bass hybrids I’ve ever seen. I threw everything I had trying to figure out how to get bigger bites out of the group. I tied the old rusty flutter spoon and started jerking absolute studs out. Every cast. Hybrids and largemouth. I’ll have one tied on from now on

  6. Definitely going to be buying that 🤙🏼 also when can we expect the loaded 7 inch version? I don’t see either online. I’ve had a lot of tournament success so far with the unloaded 6 &7 I couldn’t be more excited for a bait then your swimbaits brotha so thank you for the hard work 🙏🏼

    – a Delta / Clear Lake guy

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