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The Fishing Trend That Is Taking Over Bass Fishing!

Don’t miss out on this fishing trend that is catching a lot of bass right now! #bassfishing #fishing

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  1. My favorite rig for flukes and straight tails lately is on 1/4oz or lighter Scounger Head. it rolls side to side more than it shakes and is subtle and quiet, when compared to a bladed jig head. It imparts a very natural tail kicking action on anything that is rigged on it. Tubes and especially bluegill shaped baits like the gilly shad look incredibly life like on them.

    Standard rig has been on an off set EWG weighted or not. But on a screw lock weighted EWG the spunk shad and the traditional flukes will flutter on the drop like a wacky rig. As well as dart from side to side with a hunting type action on the retrieve, but not ss pronounced ss on s hover rig.

    They can also be fished subsurface if the hook is pushed deeper in the head and rigged near the center of the bait.

    Something few people know about is line through weighted treble wacky rig, positioned a little forward of the center of the belly. It flutters more like a wacky rig on the drop, but swims head first, instead of folding sideways. You can get a more pronounced side to side eratic darting action on the retrieve if the line through starts above the nose, like a Hover Rig would have its line tie. Weighted with tungsten putty on the shank or split shot secured with a bobber stop to the top of treble, like a T rig.

    And of course free rigging them is becoming more popular. As well as using smaller spunk shads as ned rigs or shakey head baits.

    But, i think most appealing to fishermen as much as it is to bass, is the nose hooked hitch hiker/twist lock finesse rig. Aka the "BANJO MINNOW RIG". Double rigging them is often something everyone wants to try. Not just because of the schooling action, but also because of the opportunity to hook two bass at once.

  2. Love the Zako as a chatterbait trailer. I think its a subtle action and thats part of why it does so well. The Zako-Chatterbait and the fluke are well represented in my top 10 biggest bass.

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