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The BIGGEST Bass I Have Ever Caught!

Today I share with you my story of the biggest bass I have ever caught (So Far). We also do some live bait fishing for bass around bridge columns. I hope you enjoy the video! God bless

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  1. I was one year old when you caught that behemothโ€ฆ๐Ÿ˜… And a 10โ€ red shad culprit is my favorite worm to throw. Imagine thatโ€ฆ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I'm from Louisiana my fishing spot is the calcasieu river and one of those babies is what I call a normal size here sadly we don't get many big bass a giant one on the calcasieu is a 6 pounder and that's very rare usually around a pound half 10-14" long. Absolutely love your videos and you have a lot to teach so blessed there's a YouTuber like you out there that's willing to share your great tips and secrets.

  3. Rich: back in '74 when I was a young buck I was fishing at the Joe Bartlett camp in a french wood canoe with Mr. Pacific fighin' corporal Barny B. He was a rough son of a gun who carried his nightmares as day-mares when the sudden weather change or a line of gross bad luck shifted his memory through a sieve while we were catchin' pickerel on the right entry pond into Baxter State Park. Reminds me of the way you had those long swells…well, a storm came up on us over the shoulder of Mt Katadin, and we were in it coming faster than a kingfisher at a swoop at us, so we flung-sped that canoe toward a'bitty island. B's pumping the stern paddle and I's in the front man-crazy when I hear him chittering half in curse, half in deafening screams to match the lightning and thunder coursing right for us. When we bumped ashore at full speed on rocks on that little nuthin island he leaped out and musta felt he was landed in Luzon, yelling about the Japs being around us and squirming, ducking, worming under a pissy-thin tree trunk on its side, staring open-mouth and spitting at me like I was one of those Jap ghosts. Blood on his lip from biting them. Though nothing touched down on us but the white caps and his seared voice scared to death risen all over that crummy fingernail island over-swelling, unloading a cannister of fear-baggage from inside him for the 5 longest earth minutes it took for that storm to drift off, un-touching us, I beg your pardon, not me at least in a physical way. He scared bejezzeus out of any arachnid living on that Maine atoll, middle of the pond, thankfully 2 decades before cabins would one day dot the shoreline. I grabbed and held a big rock just in case during all that bad time, his yellin, halfcocked and aimed toward his direction. But I didn't need it afterall and he and I was soaked from a sudden downpour, no tellin now over 40 years if that would have been mixed in his sweat on, or, on me, mixed with teenage fear from a Manilla army USA veteran's storm-driven implosion.

  4. Every time I hear him say โ€œGet in here boyyy!โ€ I just canโ€™t help but laugh๐Ÿ˜‚ then heโ€™ll hit you with a good olโ€™ โ€œGal Lee!โ€

  5. You remind me the people I spent my childhood with, taught me everything I know, the last few of a dying breed, I love all the cuttin up with Elmo, let's catch us a nothern

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