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The BEST Kept Secret Of FALL Bass Fishing!

Fall bass fishing can be a very difficult time of year. It seems like some guys have all the secrets and seem to catch all the bass. While some guys seem to not be able to catch any of the bass that live in the lake. In this video I break down the BEST way to catch fall bass that you’ve never thought of!

Gear Used
Ark Essence 7’ MH Moderate Action –
Ark G5 8:1:1 –
P Line TCB 8 Braid(50lb) –
6th Sense Catwalk –
(4k Shad, Ghost Bone Minnow, Royal Chrome)
6th Sense Dogma –
(4K Shad, Ghost Bone Minnow, Royal Chrome)
Evergreen SB –
(Bone, Bleeding White, Flash Wakasagi)

My Favorite Tools and Gear
25% off Black Rifle Coffee – Blastoff25
10% off 6th Sense Products 15% off Waterland Products – DIETZ
Rock Tamer Mud Flaps System –
Favorite Storage Box –
Favorite Flip Flops –
Favorite Scissors –
Favorite Sunglasses –
Favorite Scale –
Favorite Pliers –
My Favorite Coffee –
Bass University Subscription –

Fish USA Apparel
Fish USA Hoodie –
Fish USA T-Shirt –
Fish USA Ball Cap –


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