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The Baits to Use in April – Bass Fishing

These are the bass fishing lures and baits that work great in the month of April. April is prespawn and the beginning of the spawn in much of the country. Here’s what to use to catch them prespawn and spawn.
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Tackle used in this video –
Swim Jig – Picasso Swim Jig – http://bit.ly/40Xkb4x
6th Sense Devine – https://bit.ly/3unjBhg
Trailer – Missile Baits Shockwave – http://bit.ly/3zvkgRa
Rod – Meta – 7’3″ Med Hvy – http://bit.ly/3ZwpxCI
Reel – Inception G2 7.3:1 – http://bit.ly/3MdmE6N
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Lipless Crankbait – Rat-L-Trap – http://bit.ly/2lhAqLL
Rod – Envy III 7’4″ Med Hvy Moderate – http://bit.ly/3Ktxwfq
Reel – Concept C2 7.5:1 – https://bit.ly/3kl59kI
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Squarebill – Frittside – https://bit.ly/2NnXLJo
KVD 1.5 Deep – http://bit.ly/2odzCZx
6th Sense Crush Flat 75 – http://bit.ly/2ldaormFlat75
Little John – http://bit.ly/2liotRcLittleJohn50
Bomber Flat A – http://bit.ly/2ld8KpzFlatA
Rod – Fate Black Cranking 7′ – https://bit.ly/2OGP36f
Reel – Z Slide 7.5:1 – https://bit.ly/3rgn8Ld
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Chatterbait – Jack Hammer – http://bit.ly/2MnPm5W
Mini Max – http://bit.ly/3nyyoq6
Slobberknocker – http://bit.ly/3nKc7pm
Rod – Envy III 7’4″ Med Hvy Moderate – http://bit.ly/3Ktxwfq
Reel – Inception Slide – http://bit.ly/3zqS0iI
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Flipping bait – Yamatanuki – http://bit.ly/40Pdqlu
Rod – Fate Black 7’3″ Med Hvy – https://bit.ly/2WDG0qZ
Reel – Z Slide 8.3:1 – https://bit.ly/3rgn8Ld
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Shaky Head – Warlock – http://bit.ly/2Hsaoe4
Rod – Fate Black Spinning 7’1″ Medium – https://bit.ly/3eO05RP
Reel – Axium – http://bit.ly/3K4CLRC
Line – Seaguar AbarzX – http://bit.ly/2bIBeOTAbrazX
Kayak – Bonafide SS127
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  1. Hey man. Ive lived in NWO since 2016. And i havent caught a single bass out here. Im used to throwing in a bobber and a worm in NY and catch them day or night. Any tips or areas i can try and what to use? I live just outside of toledo

  2. Went out on a local eutrophic lake today April 14th. Water temp 58° sunny and breezy. Caught 4 decent Largemouth and 7 Northern pike in 4 hours all on a 3/8 oz white/chartreuse spinnerbait with a single #4 silver colorado blade in 2-3 feet of water.

  3. Hey gene, watched a video of yours a while back about using fish grips, I can’t seem to find the video, but I was hoping I could see a picture of your tether etc, had a pb bass today put the grips on it to get my board and scale. and when I pulled off the fish tether was there with the loop but the fish grips were gone, saw the fish on the bottom with the fish grips on it but couldn’t get ahold of it.

  4. Also I enjoy your vids they take me back when I was a kid watching Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston. You got me wanting to fish again.

  5. I live in Bella Vista AR and we have 7 man made lakes I went and tried everything you recommend today and got nothing. I didn't even get anything on my go to flukes I can see the small bass up on the bank and they were not chasing anything either. My question do man made lakes make that much difference? Clarity was about 4' with a green tint.

  6. First of all I love your videos keep them up! But I think it’s hilarious how all these guys and gals on yt talk about this pole or that pole, this or that color, gear ratios and so on. I have like 4 spinning reels total all with Ugly Sticks ($50 or less) and maybe use a total of 4 or 5 different baits. I punch, fish beds, and open water and never have issues pulling in quality and quantity of bass here in central FL. My point is for the ones watching these videos and are new to bass fishing, don’t get overwhelmed, you can have great success with very little and don’t have to get caught up in all the different variations of everything.

  7. I usually use braid with abrazx 10lb fluorocarbon leader . I'm wanting to use straight floro on 1 of my spinning reels . I purchased 15lb Would you recommend me putting on 10lb or 12lb instead . Fishing mostly ponds from a kayak. Thanks

  8. Interesting thoughts on the yamatanuki. Watched a tactical bassin video that said it’s not about the fall but more about the rise when you move the bait. They fish it like a Texas rig like you said but when a Texas rig does not get bit.

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