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Texas Rig Fishing Post-Spawn Bass with Seth Feider

Want to catch more fish during the post-spawn period? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Seth Feider delivers the secrets to generating more bass bites during the post-spawn with a simple Texas-rigged craw around overhanging cover.

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The most important part of success on the water, especially in the spring, is determining which stage of the spawn the bass are in. Based on water temperature and other visuals, Feider concludes that fish on this particular lake are transitioning from the spawn to post-spawn, with bass still in both stages.

For post-spawn bass, Feider prefers to use a compact craw-style soft plastic on a Texas rig. The reason for using a Texas rig instead of a jig is because of its smaller profile. Feider states that fish just coming off of beds don’t often want to eat. A more compact profile can entice fish into biting that may not want a big meal. Feider likes a bit of action in his soft plastics. A little heavier than normal weight paired with a more aggressive craw like the Z-Man Turbo CrawZ can get the fish’s attention, a key factor when dealing with dirty water like in this lake.

Feider targets a little different cover during the post-spawn period. Once fish pull off beds, they immediately head for cover to recoup. Lily pads, docks, or in this case, overhanging trees and bushes provide the necessary shade for these burnt-out bass. By focusing on pockets and inside turns instead of your typical shoreline points, you will run into more bass during this tricky time of year.

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  1. I've tried the elaztech stuff but my hook-up percentage is much less than with regular/softer soft plastics. I'm convinced this is due to the hook shaft and point being or getting stuck to or adhering to the elaztech material rather than coming through it or out of it. ???

  2. Seth is one of my favorite. Always dropping great tips. Those zillion sv reels are amazing !! Super smooth a bit on the pricey side but definitely one of the few reels that are worth it.

  3. Does he ever not catch a donkey while on wired2fish? Super infomative, BBB tube has becom one of my favorite flippin baits after seeing him smash with them.

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