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SWIMBAIT Snakehead and Bass: How to Use ‘Em and GET ‘EM!

Using Swimbaits for Snakehead and Bass can be tricky, so here are my tips (and some great fishing action!) on how to use them. See links in the description below for the gear and enjoy the video!

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Gear Descriptions: please note that these are links through my Amazon Associate account. Whenever someone clicks this links, I receive revenue from Amazon as a result. Gear Descriptions:

ACOR Fishing Lures:

Cady Lynn Fishing and Custom Rods:

GoPro Max:

Penn Fierce III Combo:

20lb Suffix Braid:

Frabill Conservation Series Landing Net with Camlock Reinforced Handle, 20 X 23-Inch, Premium Landing Net:

Scotty #280-BK Baitcaster/ Spinning Rod Holder w/ #241 Side Deck Mount (Black):

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog, 2.25″, White:

Whopper Plopper 90:

Z-man Chatterbait:

Plano Rollup Tackle Bag:

D-Ring Carabiners:

Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbait:

Berkley Fusion Swimbait Hooks:


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  1. Steve I tell everyone you put on a clinic that day. When everyone else we were running into were crying how tough their day was. I said not for Steve. I was so glad I caught one. Made the 5 hour drive home satisfying. I day I'll always remember! Thank you!

  2. Just had a question. I've used 12 or 14 lb mono for snakes and usually it stands up to their teeth. Only had one big guy cut my line when I let him take it for a while and then set the hook and it cut instantly..I figured it was his size(weight) coupled with the set of teeth larger than a smaller one. I just bought 50 lb braid and dont want to lose out bc they see it. I figure I'll be in heavy vegetation so they may not see it and if I'm using topwater they will not really be affected by it but I fish swimsuits almost exclusively bc I can fish em weedless any way any situation fast or slow. Does that braid hold up to their teeth and do you use a mono leader or should I just go for it

  3. Awesome vid bro! I've caught everything on a swim bait. My PB in my profile pic was caught on a swimbait. I really need to slow down my presentation after watching how you fish it. Can't wait to get back over there.

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