Swimbait Fishing For Prespawn Smallmouth Bass!

Here’s some northern Wisconsin swimbait fishing for prespawn smallmouth bass!

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I was born and raised in Chicago, but after working 12 years in the financial Industry regulating the futures and options markets at the CME/CBOT I decided to pursue my passion fishing professional tournaments and left my full time corporate job. At that point, I moved to Junction City, WI with my wife Sara and two boys Hank and Duke. I’ve been fishing professionally since 2011 and full-time since 2015. I’ve qualified for seven MLF Championships and won over a half million in tournament winnings at the professional level.


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  1. Why are you not wearing gloves young man? 😊 I'm catching smallies on ned rigs, powerbait minnows and jerk baits but I can't for the life of me catch one on the swim baits I bought. Gonna try your technique of dragging them on the bottom more. Maybe Colorado smallies just don't like swim baits.

  2. I'm headed to Ephraim WI next Saturday for a week. Fishing along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Didn't know if you were anywhere close to that or if you would have any suggestions?

  3. Hey Matt,
    Could you explain real quick what a waypoint is in reference to fish the moment breakdowns?
    What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s a point on the lake where I should stop and fish or if it’s just about navigation.

  4. Approx how far north are you? I’m going up to big st germain area next weekend so about 10 days from now, curious where the bass will be in terms of spawn. I’ve heard mid 60s degree water temps, if that’s true you must be farr north lol!

  5. Smallies are difficult when you start, but it's easy once you figured it out. Too bad we have too few of them in Coomiefornia. Must agree that we like on the water footage.

  6. Nice! The weather sure has been up and down in the north over here on the Canadian side. So you're just slow rolling those across the bottom hey? Would you say this technique is effective all the way through the spawn into post spawn?

  7. That sound is all to familiar, I’m in Iowa, wind blowing 30 mph daily. Ultrex just roaring on spot lock. Ehhhh. Nice smallies you caught though! Enjoyed the vid.

  8. Matt, I own a BOAT LOAD, literally a boat load of guppy heads. Been throwing them since Matt Allen mentioned them in his channel years ago. Love em. I throw a 3/8 ounce and 1/4 ounce 1/0 on a easy shiner 4inch. I can honestly say, a smallmouth has never missed that hook point. When they eat that swimbait…. They inhale it everytime and I drive that hook home and start grinding. Love that head. Awesome design.

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