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Swim Jig Fishing SIMPLIFIED (Why You’re Doing It WRONG)

What if I told you that you have been fishing a swim jig wrong this whole time? Well, probably not ALL of you, but I guarantee that some of you fished it wrong like I did for so many years. If you are confused about this bait, or scared to throw it, check out this video for some swim jig fishing tips!

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  1. Question: So, I've been hearing a ton about pads and vegetation. My question is, with you mentioning the height of the sun (or time of the day) and how the bite turns off as sun gets higher, could this be because of the shadow that the pad or vegetation supplies, thins, as the sun gets higher? Therefore, taking away the fish's positional advantage (the shadows)? The reason I ask this is because, I've been getting skunked hard, but I've also been getting on the water very late and it's a very crowded lake.

  2. I started using the swim jig the last 2 times out and this last time I varied it up by adding an upward swing then a fall and it got hammered. So as I watch your video's I am learning more and more to vary retrieves and presentations. Keep up the great content.

  3. Hey Tyler, I heard this tip from a college guy down at UCF and he uses a Heavy/Mod-Fast rod. Have you ever tried throwing that and tested that? I’m just starting to test it but I’d love to hear your take.

    I’d also like to hear why you throw Fluoro vs Braid?

  4. Mr TRF can you please please do a video where have to fish at a lake but on the bank cuz I'm a fisherman who fishes at a public lake on land every time I go out there I get skunked I mean all it is there is rocks sticks in the water no grass no structure is just all playing I need help please

  5. As always love the videos and tips but at this moment want to applaud your editor(s) for the β€œLews” tag coming up in the bottom left corner as the fish you tossed back in splashed. 6:37 Very cool and well put together. A simple thing but probably most never noticed it. Respect for that

  6. Probably 3 weeks into taking fishing seriously. Fished as a kid and messing around now and then. But I have found your videos to be (for me) more informative and relatable than most other channels. I like some other guys as well. But I always check you first for information. Thanks for your help man!

  7. Great video!! I've started using a S.J. after watching your videos. I reel it in slow & let it sink in the grass holes. then jig it a few times. It's a 2 in 1 lure. It's my new confidence bait!!! Thank you!!

  8. Hey Tyler you are one sharp guy I'm 57 yrs old and I've only seen about 5 of your videos and every time I watch one it's good it's informative nice job bro Tyler that swim jig is deadly . Hey Tyler try the rainbow color from OutKast tackle it has tinsel mixed in with the skirt you will get alot more bites I think that tinsel makes the skirt alot more visible and it's easier for the bass to to track it and hammer it god bless you and your family your pal fisherman Mike.

  9. Used your video to learn how to fish the SJ. Man, I wore em out today! I got a school fired us with it and they were fighting each other all the way to the boat, it was nuts! Thanks for great videos

  10. Question about the fishing shirts. Are they cool in the summer also? My dad like to protect his skin because of skin cancer and I thought this might be a nice shirt for summer if it’s not too hot.

  11. Great video! The swim jig is a confidence bait for me and that is partly because of you. The video you did on trailers showed me the best way to rig the rage menace is vertical. I’ve caught them like that all year last year and haven’t slowed down since. Love the channel

  12. Good video bud i struggle with a swim jig but I love a football jig or like a hack attack I never can make myself swim a swim jig mostly try fishing it like a football and Norris lake is really rocky I've lost a ton of them

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