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Summer Bass Fishing: Where Bass Go And How To Catch Them!

Summer fishing is amazing when you know where to go! As temperatures rise, bass follow very predictable patterns. Once you know where to find them, its easy to catch fish! Even when Summer temperatures are at their highest, bass behavior can be predicted and you can keep catching fish despite the heat. Quit struggling this Summer and start catching fish!

If you don’t know where to look, Summer fishing seems like a lost cause. The bass have separated into two distinct schools and they’re not in any of your favorite fishing holes. The first goes shallow into cover and the second heads out to main lake structures. The shallow fish are fun because you can target them with a variety of power fishing techniques. The fish on outside structures group up around current when available and hard bottom when the water is calm. These fish can be caught on a variety of lures and tend to feed in aggressive “bite windows”.

Below you’ll find links to our “Top Baits For June” video, as well as the key baits we discussed in the video. We’ve also included details on size and color for each lure, as well as some great budget-friendly rod and reel combos for fishing these baits affectively. All the links go directly to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each.

•Top 5 Baits For June Bass Fishing:

•Megabass Pop X:
Colors: Mat Shad, Wagin Hasu, Gill

•Evergreen Shower Blows 105/125:
Colors: Half Mirror Wakasagi, American Shad

•Spro Speed Demon:
Colors: Laundry Matte, Old School Shad

•Lucky Craft BDS 2:
Colors: BP Golden Shiner, American Shad

•Rapala DT 16:
Colors: Live River Shad, Green Gizzard Shad

•River2Sea Tactical DD 75:
Colors: Mirrored Minnow, Summer Minnow

•Storm 3.5″ Largo Shad:
Colors: Albino Shad, Sexy Shad, Pro Blue Red Pearl

•Xzone 5.5 Swammer:
Colors: Electric Shad, Sexy Shad, Ghost Shad

•Owner Flashy Swimmer:
Size: 5/0, 1/4 oz

•Tactical Bassin Underspin:
Size: 3/8 oz

•Xzone Adrenaline Craw:
Colors: Junebug, TW Dark Junebug, Tilapia

•Dirty Jigs Pivot Point Football:
Sizes: 1/2 oz 4/0, 3/4 oz 5/0

•Netbait BAITFUEL T–Mac Worm:
Colors: Junebug, Black Grape

•Dirty Jigs Canterbury Shaky:
Size: 3/16 oz

•Netbait C Mac 11″ Worm:
Colors: Junebug, Plum

•Xzone 11″ Blitz Worm:
Colors: Junebug, Plum

Rod– St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass 7’4″ MH:
Reel– Shimano SLX 150 XT (HG):
Line– Sunline Super FC 12 lb:

Rod– Shimano SLX 6’10” Medium Heavy:
Reel– Shimano SLX 150 A (HG):
Line– Sunline Super FC 12 lb:

Rod– St. Croix Mojo Bass 7’4″ Heavy Fast:
Reel– Shimano SLX 150 XT (HG):
Line– Sunline Super FC 20 lb:

We have a variety of custom lure designs and apparel available! Everything from Swimbaits and crankbaits, to hats and hoodies! Its all available direct through Tackle Warehouse with fast shipping. See it here…

TacticalBassin Lure Designs:


Trolling Motor– Minn Kota Ultrex 112:
Electronics– Humminbird Solix 15:
Anchors– Minn Kota Talons:
Camera– GoPro Hero 9:


Favorite sunglasses:
Favorite Pliers:
Favorite life jacket:
Favorite Scale:
Favorite Lure Retriever:
Favorite Braid Cutters:
Favorite Split Ring Pliers:
Favorite Storage Box:
Favorite Net:

If you plan to do any shopping, using our links before doing your shopping at Tackle Warehouse is the single greatest way to support us! You won’t be able to even see a difference but they’ll know you’re one of us!

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  1. I’m in a natural grass lake that is literally overran by grass. There aren’t many edges just submerging grass everywhere. Every bank is lined with docks as well. Have no idea where to even start.

  2. Question: how do you use current to you're advantage when the lake is DEEP. Like the river channel is 40 plus feet down, and doesn't have big channel swings like some of the TVA lakes do. Or if there are channel swings and that kind of stuff, how does current play when the river channel is 150 to 200 feet down (talking about Lake Powell in Arizona here).

  3. Matt, what and where would you recommend this time of year for Clear lake. There have been a lot of tournaments and the lake is pressured. 70-72 water temps, 2-3' visibility. I Appreciate all the information. Thanks

  4. idk what happened for it to click for me, but I've been watching TB for a long time trying to learn everything I can but I could never put it all together, until recently, I was just out on the lake one day and started to notice all the things I had learned over the years, the fish behavior, the baits, the weather, it all clicked and I started catching them, then it happened again and again and again, and since then out of the 5 local tournaments I've fished this year, I've finished in 3rd twice and 4th once where as last year I could barely make it out of the bottom 5 out of a 20-30 boat field. now when I watch videos I remember seeing examples of what the guys talk about on my lakes and what I could have done differently, I am so insanely grateful for the absolute wealth of knowledge these two give to the community for free, if either of you guys see this, thanks you for all you do for us 1000x over keep it up!

  5. Hey Matt, I'm from Utah and the lake I mainly fish is only 500 acres and has a completely flat bottom with no rocks, brush piles, grass or trees. It has the 100 yds of grass from the bank and I know how to catch them there but I would like to know how to catch them out deep cause I know they're out there. Thanks a bunch, I'm a huge fan and you've changed how I catch fish completely!

  6. Hey guys could you do a video on lakes with other predatory fish like striper. My home lake is one of the only in the country where they don’t have to be stocked to it’s loaded with striper and sorting through them on the off shore stuff can be a nightmare

  7. Huge thumbs up for this video! I was able to crush em the other day using info from last summers videos. This is why I've been subscribed for years. Thanks TB for the awesome videos!

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