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Striped Bass Fishing with the SARDINE Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow – SINKING SP MINNOW S15

Striped Bass Fishing with the SARDINE Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow – SINKING SP MINNOW S15. I would have no problem wandering down any beach this fall with only the Diawa Salt Pro Minnow in my pocket in Sardine for striped bass. The Sinking SP Minnow in size 15 is a great lure to work for striper. It sinks. Cast out or parallel to the beach let it drop, give a tad of slack and retrieve. Fish on! You can mix it up to follow the trend in the bite or drop a teaser in front and you will be catching stripers one after the other. If you are not looking for every single fish do not worry about slightly dull hooks. You will connect with only the big ones and feel the traffic of the smaller fish. Those are advanced topics for another day, so keep your hooks sharp!


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  1. I've noticed BKK inline single hooks work pretty well. They're much safer than trebles and aren't as long as J hooks. I thought hookup ratio would suffer and they would get knocked around in the surf but not the case. I now spend much less time unhooking and more time fishing.

  2. Speaking of fish safety theories, what’s your take on dragging them in the sand, if even for a little time/distance? I see that you use the wave to bring it in as much as possible, but then there’s still a small distance of dragging them in the sand. 👍🏾

  3. Wow the bite was on indeed awesome catches Mr Ruff and that SP minnow has caught a ton of fish for ya I can see the abuse it’s taking Go Get’em

  4. Nice Jerry…great lure. Those 2 pups were looking for…wait for it…DOGFISH! I crack myself up…and will see myself out…
    I'd wish you tight lines…but they always are! Nice fish and videos as always man!


  5. Hi Jerry, Your arms must be tired from reeling in all those Stripers. I'm surprised you didn't have a teaser. You did catch plenty of fish without the teaser, but I wonder how many more fish you could have caught with a teaser. So far, you've had a good Striper season. Good luck and have fun, Mickey

  6. I had a lot of fun watching you catch with that Minnow. I see you use the conventional more than a spinning reel, is that your over all preference.

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