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Striped Bass Fishing in Connecticut – New Vexus VX21 Boat Break In @OliverNgy

Education and Entertainment. Our team is excited to bring to you a series focused on the technical aspects of how we target these fish across the country and breakdown the gear we utilize daily.

The Alabama rig has become a staple in our fishing especially during the colder months. This has held true for stripers, rockfish or striped bass depending on your region.

@OliverNgy and @Hooked_On_Riley have traveled to Connecticut to fish some winter stripers with @JustinPerelliFishing and @GrindMentality1.

Take an in depth look at real live footage as always shot on PUBLIC water.

Megabass Spark Shad –

Daiwa Lexa HD 300

Megabass Orochi XX Leviathan

Megabass Sparks Rig with Prop –

Megabass Hazedong Shad Swimbait –

Hog Farmer Alabama Rigs


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  1. You've got to fish st.claire this fall,
    I know 3 intelligent guiys who have been fishing lsc their entire life.

    Trolling as many lines as legally allowed is cool and works but theres nothing like casting for musky IMO.
    Not to menton late sep, oct, nov, dec @ thames or the lighthouse.

    Ive seen guys blank for 14hr straight throwing 10-16os baits yet the old women who spent $85! On a rod/reel/line and has landed 3 lol.
    Thats just fishing, at a spot like Thames and,/or belle, pick a big rubber bait and keep casting.

    Looks like, Thursday is definitely gonna be a high probability day of musky biting, possibly Sunday.
    Anything inbetween is a bonus

    Shadzilla, lubowski, any shad imitation to it.

  2. 😆…all day long Riley is catching new PB's! That livescope setup is pretty sick man! I need to win a Big Bass comp and maybe I can get me a dream machine like that! Glad your hard work is making payoffs for you. People don't realize, even fishing can become a job at times.

  3. You know what I love about you Ollie is your basically a “homie from the hood” that made it in fishing bro much love over here San Pedro California!🔨

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