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Striped Bass Fishing (April 23, 2023 ) Another big fish.

Join me on another fishing adventure with my friend at breezy point.the weather was perfect with 10 to 15 miles per hour winds. I came great with a nice 37 inch striper and 31inch keeper Bass.


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  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your experience. How often do you move from spot to spot and how long do you spend in one spot before you decide no fish there?

  2. Hello, very good, your videos. I also like to go fishing, but I don't know about fishing places. I don't know if you could give me some directions to go fishing. I would really appreciate it. I live in Brooklyn. Thank you

  3. Very nice oh yeah, I went there Saturday couldn’t fish needed a permit to park maybe next year I’ll get the permit early. Oh yeah keep it up good luck.

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