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Stick Marsh Bass Fishing ~ Huge Florida Largemouth

In this video, we head down to Central Fl for our 3rd bass fishing trip down there. Due to the conditions, we are forced to switch to a more finesse approach, but manage to bring in a monster Florida limit. Thank you all for watching and please SUBSCRIBE!


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Shimano Baitcasters:

Shimano Spinning Tackle:



Baitcasting Fluorocarbon:

Baitcasting Mono:

Spinning Leader:

Braided Line:

Fishing Lures Used

Spro Frog
Dirty Jigs Swim Jig


Location: Central, Fl
Date: Jan 14, 2017
Conditions: Cold, cloudy skies, very windy
Time: Early morning – Early Afternoon

Camera Equipment

Canon Rebel T5i:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
Rode Shotgun Mic:
Joby Gorilla Tripod:

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  1. See my other comment, because it is VERY important. Are you sure you guys weren't fishing Keenansville? That is sort of close to the Stick Marsh, but it is NOT considered "the Stick Marsh". Keenansville lake and the canal system leading to it, are an entirely different system than the Stick Marsh/Farm 13. The actual Stick Marsh/Farm 13 reservoir is TOTALLY landlocked with levies on all sides. There are 3 spillways…… at the south-east corner of Farm 13 ( the southern pool of the 2 main pools ) and then there's 2 more spillways at each end of the same canal that is just north of the Stick Marsh pool ( which is the northern pool of the 2 main pools ) If you put a bass boat in the actual Stick Marsh/Farm 13…… is IMPOSSIBLE to get to any other lake via your boat. So I'm really curious to know where you guys went. I think you got the names of the places mixed up.

  2. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! >>>>> First off, IT IS ILLEGAL TO EVEN KEEP A BASS IN YOUR LIVEWELL IN THE STICK MARSH. TRUST ME. I KNOW, I LIVE HERE & BEEN FISHING THE STICK MARSH FOR DECADES. IT IS A "CATCH & IMMEDIATE RELEASE" LAW ONLY. Secondly, that sure doesn't look like the Stick Marsh to me young man. Especially near the end when you pulled those fish out of the livewell. Everything I see in the background is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on the actual Stick Marsh OR Farm 13 pools. Anywhere you see the law "catch & immediate release" down here, THAT DOES NOT MEAN "throw them in the livewell and release later"………..The FWC will fine the crap out of you, if they catch you with ANY bass in your livewell. This LAW that applies for the Stick Marsh should NOT be confused with general "catch & release" bass fishing. THAT IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. ANYWHERE ON THE STICK MARSH/FARM 13 IMPOUNDMENT, YOU CAN ONLY WEIGH, MEASURE & PHOTOGRAPH THE BASS, AND THEY MUST BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY RIGHT WHERE YOU CAUGHT THEM……..NOT "HOURS LATER". I think you need to research exactly where it was you were fishing……and especially where you released those bass. Because that was NOT the actual Stick Marsh. I have been fishing the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 reservoir practically every week since 2001.

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