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Squarebill Crankbait Year-round Success with Ott DeFoe

Out of all the bass fishing tactics, East Tennessee native Ott DeFoe loves fishing crankbaits more than anything else, and it’s helped him win at the highest levels, from the Bassmaster Classic to the Bass Pro Tour. DeFoe dives deep into when and how to fish squarebill crankbaits for bass throughout the year, why squarebills are his go-to lure for heavy, shallow cover, and what attributes to look for in a quality squarebill. 

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Bottom line up front: don’t pigeonhole a squarebill crankbait to a specific season, water temperature, or cover type. DeFoe relies on them to fish fast and generate reaction strikes anytime bass relate to heavy cover in shallow water. Sure, they excel around hard cover like wood, but they perform well around grass and rock, too, with mixed cover areas being prime. Fish squarebills in the same places you’d fish a lipless crankbait or ChatterBaits. 

When covering grass flats, DoFoe will hold his rod tip up and worm the bait to minimize fowling, but generally speaking, squarebills perform best around hard cover that you can contact and careen the lure off. The unique square lip design of a squarebill crankbait causes it to deflect hard to one side or the other, which triggers bass while reducing snagging. 

DeFoe discusses what he looks for in a quality squarebill. First, a balsa wood bait is his preferred material, as it’s more buoyant than plastic and, being a natural material, has more lifelike action. Contact the cover, pause the bait, and the balsa rises quickly to clear the cover. Ott personally designed the entire Rapala OG line of crankbaits to fill specific shallow cranking needs, but balsa is the commonality between all the baits due to its natural action. Also, quality hooks are essential. They must be sharp and strong for wrenching bass from the cover.  

Regarding springtime fishing, lure selection is driven by water temperature. Squarebill crankbaits come into their own from water temps in the mid-50 degree range and up. Still, regardless of water temperature, if the bass are in heavy cover, you need a squarebill just because you can fish it clean. 

In summary, squarebill crankbaits are about fishing shallow water cover fast and generating reaction strikes. They’re essential for tournament anglers and anyone looking to have a blast fishing in shallow water. 

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  1. I'll never forget 8-9 years ago when Storm came out with the Arashi square bill and they were promoting the heck out of it I ran into a guy at a local spot and he was going on and on "Man this thing here I just got it, It's specifically designed to bounce off of rocks and wood! It doesn't snag!"

    He tied it on and casted his 2-3fow diving square bill and casted it into 4-6fow and purposely made it hit a big flat rock infront of us and he got hung up. He couldn't get it off the rock and he went home pissed off. I never saw him again.

  2. I remember one particular day throwing one that was a one foot diver on the st Joe river in Michigan on a cloudy rainy day and caught bass after bass cast after cast all day long

  3. Ott I'm impressed with your baits I bought some in December so plan on using them this spring in Kansas. Thanks for sharing 🎣 👍 Good luck this season 👍

  4. Love your line of OG's, can't wait to get back,to kayak bass fishing,!
    Please put me on your prayer list,I have had three surgeries & now on Chemotherapy treatments, it's been a rough year,but ,our Lord Jesus Christ, is by my side & in my heart, I love him dearly!
    God bless you Ott & all the glory you give to him!

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