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SPRING STRIPED BASS FISHING – Pre-Season Day Bite Striper Fishing

SPRING STRIPED BASS FISHING – Pre-Season Day Bite Striper Fishing. Felt the need to get my feet salty. I guess they already are, but what the heck. It was a warm spring day and the sun was nice. Ha. That you would never know if you were out there. Standing in forty degree water with a steady twenty blowing the whole time. It was a working bite. I like the working bite for striped bass. That is of course after you land the first striper. Covered a good volume of water and had some striped bass willing to bite. That was nice. Always is. Felt like spring. Seem to be striped bass everywhere as far as I gather. Heard of them in the back, through the river, and out the inlet. It can be work. Time is short and the fish may not always be willing. But that is generally how fishing goes. Ain’t it so.


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  1. Great video as always. Do you feel that the bite dies in late morning and picks up again in the afternoon or is anytime good in the spring?

  2. Jerry, if the fish are around they will hit anything .They tell us fish are not hitting top water well maybe at their location, we know better than to listen to others and just go by instinct, Peace.

  3. Happy to see theyโ€™re in the surf now. I knew youโ€™d find them. Hudson is too good now to leave. Iโ€™ll hit the surf next month.
    Great vid as always.
    Take care.

  4. I was on the Jersey shore fishing the other day. Everyone was catching stripers and all had a note inside their jaw that read, "You saw me on Jerry's YouTube channel". What the heck, Jerry? Anyway, great video!! Fun to see you back in the surf, but I like all your fishing excursions no matter where they take place! I was wondering what the length of this surf rod is you're fishing?

  5. Nice video 'n fish as always Jerry! I've been using the 6" version of that Tsunami sandeel for a few years now…gets lots of bass and has a decent hook…seems to catch in daylight pretty well also.
    Tightest of lines man! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hi Jerry, This is your second Striper video this year and you caught fish in both videos. Hope you have a good Striper season. Last year was good and this year may be better. It's been very windy down here and won't let-up until next week. At least we got some rain. Take care and have fun, Mickey

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