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In today’s video, I received a DM from a subscriber, who caught some exotic aquarium fish in a canal, and put them in a nearby ditch for me to come pick up! We ended up finding lots of cool fish including a jack Dempsey we put in our tank!



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  1. I just want to say every time you show us what you catch, put the net under your hand so if it jumps out your hand, you don’t lose it… not on this video but all your videos… but very good job in saving fish 🐠 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  2. Pourquoi laisser les poissons que tu attrapes aussi longtemps hors de l’eau ?? Imagines-toi privé d’oxygène pendant autant de minutes que ces poissons… à part ça, merci de nous faire découvrir une bêtise humaine de plus, avec tous ces poissons d’aquarium qui deviennent invasifs.👍

  3. I love your show, and I know you’re young, but please stop calling things “sick.“ Adults are watching your videos also, and when you say that we assume the fish is about to die! Look for a better descriptive word…😂❤

  4. P.s. the reason your Dempsey is so docile is because the large one is a female. The females are always calmer.
    Your small one looks to be female as well!
    Males have really long pointed dorsal and anal fins

  5. just thought i would let you know that i am removing you from my youtube account.the reason is that video where you threw live wild lizards to the giant pacu. your treatment and husbandry of fish is pretty appalling at times but there was and is no reason to feed live animals to your fish just for your fun and entertainment. I am not a troll just a humane and interested viewer.

  6. And also the reason that fish carry eggs in their mouth is actually to protect them from creatures because if they get attacked him at a pretty fast velocity for that size of animal they like shoot them out of their mouth basically to protect them and also they develop in their mouths if anyone was wondering that’s just randomly reading the comments just for people in the comment section that I don’t now why the orange mama had her babies in her mouth

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